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[News] Plugins Add Power to Firefox and Gedit

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Top 5 most useful (and little known) Firefox add-ons

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's your cheat sheet on the absolute best plugins for Firefox -- that you 
| probably don't know about. 


Plugins Bring Vanilla Gedit a Spicy Kick

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| The two computers I use most run Linux -- the laptop runs Ubuntu, while the 
| desktop is a "distribution nomad" that changes frequently. One great thing 
| about Linux is that the platform has no shortage of capable text editors. 
| Some lend themselves more to writing code and heavy-duty programming than 
| others (such as Vim and Emacs) while others straddle the plain text 
| document/programming editor line.     
| Lately, primarily because I've been slow to install my usual cross-over text 
| editor of choice, Geany, I took a closer look at the plugins available for 
| GNOME's "came with the desktop" editor, Gedit. The default plugins (and those 
| found in the "extra" packages) make the plain vanilla editor far more 
| appealing and useful for hardcore writers and casual programmers alike.    



Top 40 Firefox plugins, extensions and add-ons

,----[ Quote ]
| Firefox is a very useful and feature-rich browser, we all know that. But
| aside from being a robust Web browser, Firefox is appealing to more
| sophisticated users because of the support that it gets from third-party
| application developers.
| These developers continuously enrich Firefox’s functionality through plugins,
| extensions and add-ons. Here are 40 interesting and useful Firefox tools to
| give you a pleasant and fruitful browsing experience.

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