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[News] Mathematician and Lawyer Find Free Software That Suit Them

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Open source math programs and languages

,----[ Quote ]
| In closing, I will point out that the proprietary alternatives to many of the 
| programs and languages that I have discussed here have their place. They come 
| backed with whole companies of people who have done a lot of work to make 
| things smooth and also provide a great deal of technical support. Going the 
| open source however has both economic and ideological advantages. These 
| options may often be somewhat less glossy and have less tech support, but 
| they also come with a community of really dedicated people who really love 
| using these programs and languages and are happy to answer a question here 
| and there on various forums but won't be at your beck and call the way a 
| technical support person will be (of course, you will probably more likely to 
| get an answer to a question on a weekend or after hours on a forum...). 
| Furthermore, if there is some feature, bug or functionality that you want to 
| have someone add or take a look at respectively, there are often people in 
| the open source community who are willing to help you make the changes or 
| will even make them themselves. This is something that you cannot do when you 
| cannot access the source code, and is one of the big advantages of the open 
| source route. Whatever you decide, best of luck in your journeys!                


Wdiff compare - Good!

,----[ Quote ]
| The other nice thing about wdiff is that it was already installed on my 
| machine!  About two (maybe three??) years ago I googled around for something 
| that would do diffs on text files, but the searches only showed diff, kdiff 
| etc.  Wdiff apparently dates back to the early 90s so my search terms maybe 
| weren’t the best - or too many other people are using and linking to diff!  
| Anyway, wdiff seems to be part of the standard install for OpenSuSE and I’d 
| had it all along.      



Sage: Insights into open source technology

,----[ Quote ]
| SAGE, which stands for Software for Algebra and Geometry Experimentation, is
| basically a free, high-level calculator.
| Like Firefox is an alternative to Internet explorer and Wikipedia is an
| alternative to Encyclopedia Britannica, SAGE is an alternative to Magma,
| Maple, Mathematica and MATLAB, according to the SAGE Web site.  


Sage 3.0.2 Review

,----[ Quote ]
| To conclude, I'd say that this software is suited to meet numerous needs, and
| not just those related to math and school. It may very well be used, for
| instance, to satisfy one's curiosity regarding a particular aspect, or it
| could be a great help for graphical developers who need a quick look at a
| certain function's 3D plot.

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