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[News] Firefox Power Lies in Extension, 3.5 Appraised in Vietnam

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100 tips to help you work smarter with Firefox

,----[ Quote ]
| The beauty of using Firefox is the control that it extends to users, and 
| there are almost limitless ways that it can be tweaked, hacked and mastered 
| to improve speed usability and productivity.  


Only a fool compares barebones Firefox with Opera or IE.

Firefox 3.1 Beta feedback from Vietnam

,----[ Quote ]
| In preparation for the upcoming release of Firefox 3.1 3.5 later this year, 
| we have been looking for feedback from users regarding the current beta 
| builds and specifically feedback for the new localization efforts to date.  


Quote for the day:

"To me, Bill is the great white shark that looks at minnows with no more
consciousness than we look at a plate of food. The shark has no soul. The
shark knows no boundaries. All it has is an appetite. When the shark gets
hungry, it thinks “I’m hungry”, so it eats."

                                --Mitch Kertzman, former CEO of Sybase


ECIS Accuses Microsoft of Plotting HTML Hijack

,----[ Quote ]
| An industry coalition that has represented competitors of Microsoft
| in European markets before the European Commission stepped up its
| public relations offensive this morning, this time accusing
| Microsoft of scheming to upset HTML's place in the fabric of
| the Internet with XAML, an XML-based layout lexicon for
| network applications.


Software rivals say Microsoft's Vista illegal in Europe (at CNNMoney.com)

,----[ Excerpt ]
| Software manufacturers, citing 2004 European Commission finding,
| contend the operating system violates server laws in Europe.
| [...]
| "Vista is the first step of Microsoft's strategy to extend its market 
| dominance to the Internet," the ECIS statement said.
| It said Microsoft's XAML markup language was "positioned to replace HTML," 
| the industry standard for publishing documents on the Internet.
| Microsoft's own language would be dependent on Windows, and discriminatory 
| against rival systems such as Linux, the group says.
| They said a so-called "open XML" platform file format, known as OOXML, is 
| designed to run seamlessly only on the Microsoft Office platform.

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