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[News] New Ubuntu Show, Interview with Mandriva's Per Øyvind

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Ubuntu Podcast Episode #22


[Per Øyvind Interview]

,----[ Quote ]
|     > 5) What are the biggest challenges for Mandriva in the future ?
| Hm.. Ubuntu? ;p Hehe, or to be more serious, learning from Ubuntu and also 
| from the mistakes of itself in the past to regain trust, visibility, appeal 
| and image. Without doing this, Mandriva will just keep on failing and failing 
| and failing as it's pretty much done over the last years. In stead of 
| frequently trying to find new ideas, products, services and various ways to 
| stay aflot and generate income, the company needs to gain self-awareness and 
| actually fix what's broken in stead of working around it any possible way in 
| denial of the real problems.        



One Ubuntu to Rule Them All

,----[ Quote ]
| I am advocating more change than is necessary. It does not need to go this
| far. The change could be as simple as just changing the name. That could be
| done quite simply. A side benfit would be one logo and Ubuntu could dispense
| with the depressing brown and orange theme that most users dislike. The
| distinguishing feature would not be the theme, but the desktop itself.
| This alone would give some critics less ammunition and it would bring Mark
| Shuttleworth’s statements of wanting an improved look and feel closer to Mac
| OS/X more of a reality. There is no reason why GTK and QT4 can’t use the same
| theme to create a common Ubuntu look that he wants so badly. It would
| certainly engender brand loyalty instead of creating division in one’s own
| house. Then there truly would be one Ubuntu to rule them all.

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