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[News] K Desktop Environment Team Opens Brainstorm

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KDE Brainstorm: Get Your Ideas Into KDE!

,----[ Quote ]
| KDE is about the community, rather than the product. It is not all about the 
| code: there are many other ways in which people can be part of KDE, and a 
| very simple way is to connect with other people.  
| In an effort to bridge the gap between users and developers, the KDE 
| Community Forums have launched a new initiative to coordinate feature 
| requests. A new "Brainstorm" section has been created in the KDE Community 
| Forums: users are encouraged to post requests there.   


Software-properties-kde, jockey-kde enhancements for Jaunty 

,----[ Quote ]
| Some enhancements for the KDE frontend of everybody's 
| favorite /etc/apt/sources.list editor, as launchable from Adept (and more 
| recently lauchable from KPackageKit) have been uploaded just now to Kubuntu 
| 9.04. I actually made the changes back in February, but I forgot to bug mvo 
| enough to get the changes into the main bzr branch...    



KDE 4.2 Lures Me Back to Kubuntu 8.10 . . .

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, I sounded pretty certain in my last post that I was done with KDE 4.1
| and Kubuntu 8.10. I was told by a commenter to that post that KDE 4.2 looked
| pretty promising. I spent this past weekend working with VirtualBox (which
| itself has matured into a great program - more later) and I got curious about
| what the Jaunty Jackalope Kubuntu had to offer.


My Impressions of KDE 4.2

,----[ Quote ]
| Dual screen support in terms of my desktop setup seems to be about the same
| as it had been, but I think that is because I am using the proprietary ATI
| driver and not the open source one. It works well enough that I don’t have
| any issues. I really like the feature where if you have a maximized window on
| one screen you can just drag it over the other screen and it stays maximized.
| Maybe other versions of KDE had this… but either way it is real handy.
| I can hardly say enough good things about KDE 4.2 and I am really looking
| forward to the 4.3 release and some additional bug fixes.

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