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Re: Microsoft's CEO Admits GNU/Linux Won the Sub-notebooks Battle

unionpenny@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
On Mar 22, 1:58 pm, "DFS" <nospam@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
unionpe...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
This is what I get out of the article ...
What I get out of the post and the article is Roy Spamowitz is a lame-o

Why pay extra for Apple's logo when you can get a Microsoft workalike
cheaper?  Let's keep going with this thought ... why pay extra for a
Microsoft logo when you can get a Linux workalike cheaper?
It's a valid question - that can only be answered by each user.

Some people don't mind Linux' bottom-of-the-barrel (cr)apps and games and

I like comment number 2.
"However... with Windows, you will also have to buy antivirus,
antispam, antispyware, etc etc. Tack on an extra $500-$1000 to secure
When people buy a Mac, they are making an investment for the longterm.
Windows OS is not an investment. It's a box that people accept will
crash and die. They have accepted it is crap.
I laugh at them in Warcraft when they talk about lag or how they had
to log off because their system crashed. I don't have that happen
anymore. I made an investment and it has paid off in full."
Why do you like that comment?

You really think anti-malware costs $500, let alone $1000?  B-u-l-l-s-h-i-t.

The non-free ones also need a subscription fee to keep up to date,
which would get them very close to the bottom limit.  Personally, I
think the numbers are low since the chance of malware getting through
is high.  Then you will have to spend time rescuing files and
reformatting.  Are you the one that says Linux is for when your time
is free?

Yes, the free anti-malware and AV programs don't have all the features, such as automatic updates, enabled. I pay $50 a year for M$ OneCare, which covers three PCs.

At anyrate, you claim FOSS programmers live in their mother's basement
putting out "bottom-of-the-barrel (cr)apps and games" ... then
complain about being fast and loose with facts.  You're funny DFS!

:D   He's a riot, isn't he?

You really think Macs don't crash?  B-u-l-l-s-h-i-t.

No, I don't think Macs never crash.  I do know that Windows crashes,
gets malware, needs reboots.  My son's Windows system is used for
games.  It goes from wonderful full color widescreen graphics to
800x640 at 16 bit color when task manager is invoked.  Does the Mac
have that problem?

That would be due to the desktop having a different color depth and resolution than the game uses, so even a Mac would have that "problem."

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