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[News] IBM's GNU/Linux and Standards Chief on a Future with GNU/Linux

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At the airport + Linux, virtualization, and the cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| I’m in DC because I gave some talks this morning about Linux along with our 
| Red Hat partner. To summarize: 
|     * Linux is more than ready for business critcal deployments.
|     * The ability to run Linux on multiple hardware platforms offers great 
|       flexibility to match your IT workloads to the systems you already own 
|       or to systems that are tuned to the applications you will be running.  
|     * Linux and virtualization go together very naturally, with Linux fitting 
|       above, below, and probably sideways to many other operating systems. 
|     * Linux and cloud computing are also naturals.
|     * Linux is “green” in that it can be an important element in datacenter 
|       consolidation to reduce hardware footprint, energy used, heat output, 
|       and CO2 emitted.  



IBM Sun acquisition: Good for Unix and Linux. Bad for HP

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM is reportedly in talks to acquire Sun for a whopping $6.5 billion. At
| this early stage, its not known whether this is a fact or just a rumor.
| But just for the sake of argument, let's consider what a powerhouse IBM Sun
| would be. In my opinion, it would be a boon to both the Unix and Linux
| markets.

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