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[News] H-P Pays $520 to Enable Migration to GNU/Linux

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HP refunds 520$ for unused software

,----[ Quote ]
| It is unfortunate to notice how difficult it is to assert ones’ rights in IT 
| tax removal. I dare to hope that this kind of initiatives as well as those 
| relayed by the project “detaxe” from swisslinux, the racketiciel.info site at 
| the French level and racketware.info at the international level, will allow 
| everyone not to pay pointless expenses of licenses for software of no use 
| (whether they do not wish to use them, or because they already possess them) 
| whatever their choice of equipment. A clear display of the prices of this ” 
| inclusive software ” as well as their optionality would be to the advantage 
| of the consumers and the computers makers.        


Injecting Linux onto a Laptop, Using Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| The amount of time I have wasted in the past while trying to fix things in 
| Windows has been irritating to say the least. I can't say enough how 
| beneficial it is to a self-employed individual these days, to have a computer 
| or computing environment that is stable and secure, and does not require 
| constant maintenance.    
| I believe a computer is meant to be a tool for productivity, not a constant 
| money pit with many inherent problems. Anyone that leads a busy life, and 
| whose time is a valuable commodity will understand this.  
| I hope this rundown, albeit a bit silly and rudimentary, offers an idea or 
| ideas to anyone looking for a another way to install Linux, or just benefit 
| from tools such as Qemu. Maybe you'll develop ideas from this that I just 
| don't see. More power to you.   
| Time is something we can never get back, but computers are. I genuinely hope 
| Linux helps you make the most of your time. 



Dell customer awarded Windows refund

,----[ Quote ]
| Devir was not interested in the Windows Vista system on his Dell laptop,
| opting for Linux – an open source system – instead.



Windows Vista - the true cost

,----[ Quote ]
| Anyway, our efforts proved successful. After a couple of calls to
| customer service on Friday, we obtained a refund from Dell for the
| unwanted software (Vista and MS Works). The big surprise was the
| refund we were offered: a mere GBP17 for Vista and GBP6 for Works.


Dell Refunds OS Cost For Those Adopting Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source technology fans in the San Francisco Bay Area are reportedly
| some of the first who began campaigning to get refunds for Microsoft
| Windows software they did not plan on using.


How to get a Windows tax refund

,----[ Quote ]
| If you buy a computer, you often pay for Microsoft Windows even if
| you didn't ask for it and aren't going to use it. This article shows
| you how to return your unused Windows license and get your money
| back, freeing yourself from the Windows tax.


Dell customer gets Windows refund

,----[ Quote ]
| Thanks to Dell, one UK Linux user has succeeded in the perennial quest
| to buy and use a laptop without paying for an unused bundled OS.

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