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[News] Tiny Core GNU/Linux Reviewed Again

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Tiny Core Linux -- A Minimal Distro with Big Possibilities

,----[ Quote ]
| Tiny Core Linux runs great on minimal hardware and might be just what you're 
| looking for to put that machine gathering dust in the basement to good use. 
| The Opera browser provides a solid foundation for a simple Internet machine 
| you could remote boot without even installing on a local hard drive. Other 
| scenarios for utility computing require only a little research to get the 
| right modules loaded and running. All that's left now is for you to drag that 
| old machine out and give it a spin.      



Tiny Core Linux Has Just 10 MB In Size

,----[ Quote ]
| Maybe the smallest desktop-based Linux distribution, which requires only 10
| MB free space on an USB drive, CD or an internal hard disk drive, Tiny Core
| Linux could give you a new experience and maximum Internet speed with a
| customizable X desktop and by running entirely in RAM. The Tiny Core Linux
| distribution is powered by Linux 2.6 kernel, Busybox, Tiny X, Fltk and Jwm.
| It shows fast booting speed and the latest version (Tiny Core Linux 1.2)
| comes with many improvements and bug fixes.


Tiny Core: A Linux desktop in just 10MB

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite being stripped to the bone Tiny is, in fact, easy to use, fast and
| installing additional applications is straight forward. Which doesn’t mean it
| will replace my desktop anytime soon but is probably worth installing on the
| USB flash drive I carry around.


Big things come in TinyMe

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm really impressed by TinyMe. It does an amazing job of giving "big distro
| usability" while keeping the system requirements low. Though I encountered
| some small problems, they have been no more than a minor annoyance, not a
| major disaster. For the right person, TinyMe is worth a serious look.

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