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[News] Release of PPSS Makes Linux Easily Parallelisable/Distributed

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Distributed Parallel Processing Shell Script (PPSS) released

,----[ Quote ]
| I'd like to announce the release of the distributed version of the Parallel 
| Processing Shell Script (PPSS). PPSS is a bash script that allows you to run 
| commands in parallel. It is written to make use of current multi-core CPUs.   



GCC To Receive Automatic Parallelization Support

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM's Razya Ladelsky today outlined plans for providing automatic
| parallelization support within the GNU Compiler Collection. The Graphite
| Framework, which provides high-level loop optimizations based upon the
| polyhedral model, was merged for the forthcoming release of GCC 4.4 and it
| will be used eventually to provide some level of automatic parallelization
| support. Graphite will be combined with autopar, which is an automatic
| parallelization code generator based upon GOMP that in turn implements
| OpenMP.


ScaleMP touts cheap Linux multi-processors

,----[ Quote ]
| Software company ScaleMP is claiming to have turned virtualisation on its 
| head - instead of making one server look like several, it said that it can 
| make a cluster of entry-level servers look like a single high-end machine.  
| Called Versatile SMP (vSMP), its software is a kind of pre-boot environment 
| which loads from flash and uses Infiniband for connectivity. The clustered 
| servers then appear as a symmetrical multi-processor (SMP) system, and can 
| run standard multi-processor versions of Linux, said Shai Fultheim, ScaleMP's 
| founder and CEO.    
| He said that while the server aggregation happens in software, like other 
| clustering schemes, vSMP is below the operating system, not on top of it, 
| which reduces the overhead involved.  
| "With [traditional] clusters, you need to work at the operating system or 
| application level to parallelise it, and you have to set up a cluster file 
| system and job scheduler," he explained.   

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