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[News] Free Software is Like a Company

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Open source is a company; social media is a country

,----[ Quote ]
| Many people mistakenly think that open-source projects are emergent, 
| self-organized, and democratic. The truth is just the opposite: most are run 
| by a benevolent dictator or two.  
| What makes successful open-source projects is leadership, plain and simple. 
| One or two people articulate a vision, start building towards it, and bring 
| others on board with specific tasks and permissions. The best projects are 
| the ones with the best leaders.   



KOfficeSource: a KOffice Consultancy Company

,----[ Quote ]
| Announcing itself today is KOfficeSource GmbH, a company that will sell
| services around KOffice. The founders comprise a small group of members of
| the developer community, as well as outside talent. They share an interest in
| furthering KOffice by supporting it commercially in addition to the
| non-commercial support that can be found on the mailing lists and IRC. As the
| name suggests it has been created in Germany but will operate across Europe
| and further afield.


Sun will offer back-line support for OpenOffice

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun Microsystems on Monday plans to announce that it will provide support for
| the OpenOffice.org productivity software suite, citing a wave of momentum
| behind the open-source project.


Top Five Open Source Business Models You Never Heard Of

,----[ Quote ]
| The art of “selling” or generating revenue from open source is a topic of
| growing importance as open source takes a larger piece of the software
| business. In the past, open source revenue has largely been associated with
| services marketed by many top tier Linux companies: Support, middleware
| solutions, etc.


How to make money by giving stuff away

,----[ Quote ]
| RedHat CFO Charlie Peters said this week that the key to success
| is to "convince customers of the value of moving from free to paid".
| Largely because JBoss is a free download, an estimated 11 million
| people are using it. Now if they can move even a small fraction of
| those customers into the paying column, that will be a significant
| source of revenue.
| [...]
| There is something of a snowball effect here. As you bring more
| people into your "community", the community becomes more attractive
| (because of new content, shared knowledge, buzz, etc.), which drives
| even more people in.

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