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[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Gets New Themes Out of the Box

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Ubuntu 9.04's New Themes

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, here we go again... it appears the Canonical just uploaded some new and 
| very nice desktop themes for the upcoming Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) 
| operating system, in order to please their devoted users. Softpedia is once 
| again the first website to offer you a preview of the new artwork, which will 
| probably be present in the final release of Ubuntu 9.04.    


Top 10 Reasons I’ll Never Use Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
|    1. It’s too inexpensive. In fact, paying is only an option & I don’t feel 
|    compelled to pay for it. It’s just not as fun owning an operating system I 
|    don’t have to pay for.  
|    2. It’s too pretty. The ability to apply any theme, or build my own, ruins 
|    my sense of camaraderie with my fellow OS users. Where’s the sense in 
|    complete personalization?  
|    3. It’s too fun. Computers were never meant to be fun. When they become 
|    fun they become dangerous. 



Ubuntu 9.10 is Karmic Koala, and it will not be brown!

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu Linux founder Mark Shuttleworth recently announced that the next
| version after "Jaunty Jackalope" is codenamed "Karmic Koala". This ended some
| humorous speculations that Ubuntu 9.10 will be called Kinky Kangaroo.



Universal Writ

,----[ Quote ]
| What bothered me was that I used to think that same way till a co-worker
| named Richard wrote me about his thoughts on the subject. I wrote about this
| in part in my "Color Theory" post over at TalkBMC a while ago.
| What Richard told me was a simple truth that I had never really considered.
| He was born in Africa, and to him the color palette that he finds attractive
| and restful is different than the ones I do. The posit here then would be
| that at least in part, color preferences are based on your early experiences.

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