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[News] GNU/Linux Brand Changes, the "Change" Brand Applied

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Linux: The Brand

,----[ Quote ]
| Now it’s time the Linux brand got trampled to death too. The term is 
| ambiguous and unhelpful when you use it outside of the programming and 
| sys-admin industries. OK so we love having a single banner to fly and Linux 
| is a very successful kernel project. But it’s not good to advocate with a 
| conversation that starts off with a lie, that this system your using is 
| Linux. Because then you’ll be constantly trying to explain why Linux doesn’t 
| work here, but does work there, doesn’t do that, except when it does over 
| there. It’s not a coherent system like the name’s use suggests.       
| I think we should be more specific and say what we mean:
|     * Linux - The Kernel project
|     * FOSS - The Philosophies that underpin the creation of software
|     * Ubuntu, Fedora - The Operating Systems


Change is a hard thing to do. 

,----[ Quote ]
| Changing from closed source programs to open source programs is a hard thing 
| to do. Many people will resist that change fiercely and will pull every trick 
| out of the book to justify their objections to that change.  
| Sometimes they have no choice and when a company is instructed to move from a 
| closed source program to an open source program it is inevitable that, as the 
| old Chinese curse goes, there will be interesting times.  



Google beats Microsoft, Coke in brand stakes

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has knocked Microsoft off the top spot and been named
| the most powerful global brand of 2007 in a recently
| published ranking.


Should Mozilla Rebrand Itself as Firefox?

,----[ Quote ]
| Firefox is a massive success in Europe, but what is striking about its
| adoption is the variation from country to country. For example, in Finland it
| has a market share of over 45%, while in the UK, to its eternal shame, it is
| a pathetic 20%. How can such a huge disparity be explained?
| [...]
| Instead, the organisation formerly known as Mozilla must emphasise the
| Firefox brand as much as possible (and that of Thunderbird where relevant),
| and not confuse things by throwing in this mysterious “Mozilla” beast every
| now and then. If the people behind Mozilla *really* want to maximise the
| uptake of their browser, it would be simplest just to re-brand the entire
| organisation as "Firefox" and be done with it. That way, every action and
| every mention would be pushing out the Firefox message. But that might be
| viewed as a step too far....

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