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[News] FFmpeg Could Support Blu-ray Soon, Elisa Brings Entertainment to Linux

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Blu-ray Support In FFmpeg? Coming Soon, Perhaps.

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, Blu-ray support may now come to Linux sooner rather than later. 
| Following that Phoronix interview, a few interested parties have offered up 
| Blu-ray drives and media to the FFmpeg developers. Robert Swain has shared 
| with Phoronix this morning that they are now deciding on a suitable FFmpeg 
| developer to receive these donations to begin work on Blu-ray support.    


Elisa - A Great Open Media Center

,----[ Quote ]
| I recently installed and started using open source Elisa Media Center. Its a 
| great little media player that works wonderfully well with all my media types 
| for video, music, dvd and photos. It even connects to the internet and 
| imports media from websites like youtube and flickr.    



An Interview With The Developers Of FFmpeg

,----[ Quote ]
| Earlier this week the FFmpeg project reached version 0.5, which was quite
| significant considering no new FFmpeg release was made available in years.
| This release contained a plethora of new encoders and decoders, support for
| VDPAU, a variety of bug-fixes, and many other improvements. What is next for
| FFmpeg? When will we see proper Blu-ray support? Will there be a 1.0 release
| in the foreseeable future? To answer these questions plus others, I spoke
| with three of the main FFmpeg developers about this very popular -- and
| important -- open-source multimedia project.


Mplayer, FFmpeg Gain VA-API Support

,----[ Quote ]
| If you happen to have hardware with the Intel Poulsbo and Intel's
| closed-source driver, patches for adding VA-API support to MPlayer and FFmpeg
| have just been published. The Ubuntu Mobile team and Intel's Moblin project
| have been working to add VA-API support within the Helix media player stack,
| but now it's here for the widely popular MPlayer.

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