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Re: <FAKE>

High Plains Thumper had de volgende lumineuze gedachte op 17-03-09 12:38:
Roy Schestowitz wrote:
Gregory Shearman on Saturday:
Roy Schestowitz wrote:
Kelsey Bjarnason on Friday:
Roy Schestowitz wrote:

I didn't wrote this and it's made up.
Ya think? :)
Yes, but for future reference (the Munchkins love linking
to their old 'plants').
But... you always use sign your posts. They can't get around
that one.
Yes, but they point to all sorts of archives where people
can't check the signatures.

First they try to refute posts. It's too hard for them. Then
they try to find embarrassing things about the poster. They
can't do this, either. So they need to start 'manufacturing'

Fortunately, the 'plants' from the Munckins contain ludicrous
stuff like arrests and child molestation, so no sane person
believes the libel to begin with. It becomes comical.

Comical but sad.  In essence they do it to trash the group, just
as it is stated in:


7.1 Disinformation

If COLA were a physical location like a building where those who
would advocate the growth of the Linux operating systems and the
Linux community gather, the anti-Linux propagandists would be
raiding that building. They would be vandalizing the building,
painting graffiti on the walls, defecating and urinating on the
floors and furniture, breaking down the doors, setting fire to
the building and physically assaulting the resident Linux
advocates and the visitors who happen to be in the building at
the time of the raid.

COLA is not a physical location, so they have had to adapt their
methods so that they can do an on-line version of what was
described in the prior paragraph. A key method used by anti-Linux
propagandist to attack Linux, its users, sysadmins, developers,
advocates and those who have come to COLA to lean about Linux. is
a form of propaganda known as disinformation. One of their
favorite version of disinformation is known as FUD.

Hear, hear.

Erik Jan

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