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[News] rPath CTO: GNU/Linux and Related Projects Have Become So Standard

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rPath CTO and Founder Erik Troan on the Future of Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Simplifying things greatly, Linux and Apache came along and shifted the focus 
| of open source development towards production applications. Of course, Linux 
| is now used by companies of all shapes and sizes for mission critical 
| applications. The Apache web server is used by, well, basically everyone to 
| make the web work. Those projects, and others which complete open source 
| operating systems, have transformed how companies procure, deploy, and manage 
| production infrastructure.      
| Now that Linux and its related projects have become so standard, an 
| interesting change is occurring: More and more open source projects are once 
| again targeting developers.   



rPath Expands Multi Operating System Support with Ubuntu, CentOS

,----[ Quote ]
| rPath today announced support for the Ubuntu and CentOS Linux operating
| systems as part of rBuilder and the rPath Lifecycle Management Platform.
| rBuilder is the category-defining build and release management system for
| creating virtual appliances and application images. The rPath Lifecycle
| Management Platform extends rBuilder with a comprehensive system for
| controlling the cost, complexity and risk of deploying, managing and
| maintaining application images in virtualized and cloud-based environments


rPath Linux 2 available

,----[ Quote ]
| rPath would like to thank everyone who helped test the software that has
| become rPath Linux 2. Special thanks go to Foresight Linux for building
| Foresight Linux 2 based on rPath Linux 2 betas. Conary made it possible for
| the Foresight developers to test the software on Foresight development and QA
| branches before publishing updates tested as part of Foresight to Foresight
| users.



rPath Linux updates features, installer

,----[ Quote ]
| The rPath Linux project team this week announced updated release
| 1.0.6 of its rPath series, based on the groundbreaking Conary
| software management system. rPath Version 1.0.6 of the
| Xen-oriented distribution features a kernel, along
| with the GNOME 2.12 desktop environment.

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