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[News] The Freedom Advantage of GNU/Linux (or Why Not Apple)

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Linux the cool factor part 3 - Freedom -

,----[ Quote ]
| In the first part of this series of articles I stated some things about 
| designers and their apple computers, I said that these machines are 
| overpriced and overhyped. This made some people think this articles were 
| about Linux vs Apple. I got a lot of comments from people who seem to like 
| apple:-) and a lot of arguments, some probably valuable.    



Lame: Apple Charging $0.30 Per Song To Ditch DRM

,----[ Quote ]
| In the initial news about Apple going DRM-free, I saw it reported that Apple
| would let you convert your existing files to DRM-free. However, what was left
| out of the reports I saw (though, people in our comments pointed it out) was
| that Apple wants to charge you $0.30 for the privilege of getting rid of the
| DRM.


End Game Piracy: Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| As 2008 has proven - draconian digital restrictions management (DRM) does not
| stop people from illicitly using computer games.  Spore, whose DRM was so bad
| they got ratings bombed on Amazon.com, was the most pirated game of 2008.
| The DRM caused hassles for legitimate users and did nothing to stop illicit
| use.  This is always the case.  Ever since the beginning of DRM on video
| games there have been people getting around it.  These DRM schemes are not
| cheap.  They are licensed from companies who tell the video game companies
| that this is the only way to protect their games.


Apple copies Microsoft tactics in Itunes row

,----[ Quote ]
| Sam Odio, operator of bluwiki, did what Jobs' Mob demanded only because he
| said he lacked the money to take on the fruit-themed toymaker.
| He told AP that, when a lawyer calls you up and implicitly threatens
| litigation that would bankrupt your little project, you obviously have no
| choice but to comply.


DRM is always anti-user

,----[ Quote ]
| No user likes DRM. What Cory Doctorow said about Sony is really true for all
| DRM: “No Sony customer woke up one morning and said, “Damn, I wish Sony would
| devote some expensive engineering effort in order that I may do less with my
| music.”". Expanding the DRM acronym (to mean “digital restrictions
| management” or “digital rights management”) is a matter of what side you’re
| on. If you’re on the user’s side, the side that says you ought to be able to
| treat stuff you bought as your own, you’ll not forget that “digital rights
| management” is “private language” as well. It’s language that exists to
| promulgate the publisher’s perspective instead of the user’s perspective thus
| reframing the debate to getting us to believe that our needs are less
| important or completely ignorable. The thing that makes DRM interesting to
| publishers is how well it can restrict users from doing what users want to
| do. Hence digital restrictions management is a more honest way of looking at
| what DRM means.


Apple's new MacBooks have built-in copy protection measures

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple's new MacBook lines include a form of digital copy protection that will
| prevent protected media, such as DRM-infused iTunes movies, from playing back
| on devices that aren't compliant with the new priority protection measures.


MP3 Store Guide: ‘Don’t buy DRM’ (like iTunes)

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday korporate download sites HMV, Woolworths, 7digital, Digitalstores,
| Tescodigital, Tunetribe, and Play.co launched a new ‘100% MP3 compatible’
| logo devised by the Entertainment Retailers Association.


EFF: Apple DisplayPort DRM Will Lead to More Piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| When Apple released its new MacBook and MacBook Pro models, as well as
| updated MacBook Air models, one feature of those latest laptops touted by
| Apple was their Mini DisplayPort video connection. This new connector is part
| of an open standard and is smaller than the DVI, mini-DVI, and micro-DVI
| ports found on the previous generation of Apple laptops. But there's one
| feature of the Mini DisplayPort on Apple laptops that isn't sitting well with
| many users--High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP).


EFF Proposes DMCA Exemption for IPhone Jailbreaking

,----[ Quote ]
| The U.S. Librarian of Congress is required to issue exemptions to the
| anti-circumvention clause of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the law
| that makes it a crime to work around encryption or Digital Rights Management
| protecting copyrighted materials. This year, among the exemptions proposed by
| the public is one that would make it legal for consumers to hack their phones
| (PDF link) via a process called jailbreaking, in order to install third-party
| applications available from sources other than Apple's App Store.


Apple swings DMCA at Hackintosh maker

,----[ Quote ]
| Just two weeks after US District Judge William Alsup threw out wannabe
| Mac-clone vendor Psystar's countersuit against Apple, the One True Mac-Maker
| has un-holstered another weapon in its campaign to crush the Florida-based
| upstart.


What might end Apple’s open source pass

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple has replaced Microsoft as the chief foe of open source. (Picture from a
| student assignment sheet at Bodine High School in Pennsylvania.)
| This was in part a matter of necessity. Apple had to put DRM on its iPod or
| it would get nothing to sell. It had to become a big advocate of the DMCA to
| keep its suppliers.


EFF Blasts Apple For Fraudulent DMCA Takedown Of Wiki Page

,----[ Quote ]
| The EFF has stepped up to walk through the many, many reasons why there's no
| DMCA violation on the site, and Apple's takedown notice appears to be
| fraudulent. Yes, the anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA do say it's
| illegal to offer a technology, product, service, device or device to get
| around DRM, but an open discussion on a wiki is not any of those things.


The Electronic Frontier Foundation Doesn't Like Apple's Attitude

,----[ Quote ]
| I have to agree. Talk is talk. Encryption and other forms of code obfuscation
| are communally practiced throughout the worlds of proprietary and open source
| software. Also, encryption predates personal computers and Apple by many
| years. Where would security software end up if people were barred, directed
| by lawyers, from ever discussing methods of disguising code?


Apple Levels DMCA on IPodhash Project

,----[ Quote ]
| The worst thing about DRM? The things it makes people do. Take the iPodhash
| project, a group of coders dedicated to reverse-engineering Apple's database
| files on the iPod classic and iPod touch. Doing so allows for third-party
| utilities to access information on the iPod, which is particularly useful for
| those who want to use their iPods on Linux, since there's no version of
| iTunes available for that platform.


EFF Berates Apple Over Open-source ITunes Project

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple's attempt to quash an effort to help the latest iPods and iPhones work
| with non-Apple software such as the Linux operating system is out of line,
| the Electronic Frontier Foundation said Tuesday.
| [...]
| Because iTunes does not run on Linux, the iPodhash project is important to
| the Linux community, Odio said.
| Founded in 2004, Bluwiki is a side project for Odio, an Internet entrepreneur
| who said he supports the iPodhash project even though he's not involved with
| it.


Anti-DRM campaign calls for MacBook boycott

,----[ Quote ]
| Each day for the next 35 days, the "Defective by Design" campaign by the Free
| Software Foundation (FSF) will name and shame a different product it says
| consumers should boycott because of the use of Digital Rights Management
| (DRM). The FSF has launched its campaign with an attack on Apple. Although
| Apple boss Steve Jobs spoke out against the use of DRM in iTunes Store in
| early 2007, most of the music sold through Apple's online shop still comes
| with Apple's FairPlay DRM. The iPhone and iPod Touch have been criticised by
| the FSF on a number of occasions for adding "even more layers of DRM". With
| its new MacBooks, Apple takes protection even further.



A Linux User's Perspective on the ITunes Store (and DRM in General)

,----[ Quote ]
| What if tomorrow you went to Best Buy or Walmart or Sam Goody and purchased a
| CD? What if, before you left the store, the salesman told you that although
| the CD was in all other respects a standard CD, that you could only play it
| if you owned a Pioneer or Sony stereo? Would that make any sense? Would it
| make you a bit hesitant about buying music from that store again?
| Well, if you purchase music or videos from the iTunes Store,
| [...]
| With content from the iTunes Store, however, users may find themselves a bit
| stuck if they ever want to make the switch to a more open computing platform,
| such as Linux. Because none of the DRM-restricted content from the iTunes
| Store will play on Linux. And it's all because that's how Apple wants it, to
| be honest, and not because of any technical limitation.


Apple's latest trick to enforce digital rights

,----[ Quote ]
| [...]
| With this version of iTunes, users were finding that music
| subjected to the old download-burn-rip would no longer
| load onto their iPods.

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