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Re: [News] Nobody Cares About Another Vista (BetaVista7), GNU/Linux Works Better

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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> Who cares about Windows 7?

I think many do - for most people that I know, the OS they are burdend with
is a religion.

Windummies curse when they see Linux far ahead of the feature list
and promise to switch. Appil retards are just fanatical about their OSen
and get insanely jealous when they see Linux and compiz.
They have been roundly beaten down by both functionaly, presentation
and netbook form factor. Its beauty their eyes can't suffer.

> ,----[ Quote ]
> | Children don't belong on Windows at all.
> | 
> | There's too much malware out there and keeping all the software on a
> | Windows machine up to date is too hard. As for standard defensive
> | measures: UAC is too confusing, running as a restricted user is too
> | often impractical and dealing with anti-malware software is certainly
> | too much to expect.
> | 
> | Children are best served with a Linux based netbook running Firefox and
> | Open Office.
> | 
> | Why Linux rather than a Mac?
> | 
> | For one, it's significantly cheaper. Kids break things and better they
> | break a $350 netbook rather than a $1,200 Apple laptop.
> | 
> | Also, their small fingers are a great match for the small keyboards on
> | netbooks. And the small size of netbooks makes them easier for children
> | to carry around.
> | 
> | Linux is also easier to maintain. Despite the plethora of malicious
> | comments directed at me for criticizing some Linux software update
> | applications, the fact is that Linux is on the right path when it comes
> | to updating software.
> | 
> | All the distributions I've sampled defaulted to automatic self-updating
> | (my gripes were directed at manual updates) and all the software gets
> | updated, not just the software from the OS vendor. Both Microsoft and
> | Apple update their own software, but only in Linux does the operating
> | system keep all the installed software up-to-date. This goes a long way
> | to making the end user safer.
> | 
> | So who, in the end, other than a handful of techies, cares about Windows
> | 7?
> `----
> http://blogs.computerworld.com/who_cares_about_windows_7

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