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Re: [News] Newbie: Ubuntu GNU/Linux is "Really Impressive"

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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> ,----[ Quote ]
> | I installed Ubuntu via Wubi, played with it for about 2 hours, and WOW! 
> | I'm
> | almost glad I'll have a month or more off from work after the surgery. 
> | I'm downloading the 8.10 .iso now to do a full install, and will settle
> | in and
> | do some learning while recovering.  It's really impressive, and very
> | very
> | easy for a total novice like me.  I highly recommend it for anyone who
> | wants to get their feet wet in the Linux pool.

Our IT admin says the same thing and has switched to Ubuntu! :-D

Oddly one of his relatives switched as well, and then switched back
to windummy OSen claiming this and that. When I heard the details
of this and that, its more of a case lack of googling, reduced will
power to engage in something different and determined behaviour.
If you are not determined to toss windummy OSen out the window,
installing Linux is a challenge - just like any change - and spotting
those people and removing them out of the standard upgrade routes
is probably best. They need more intensive advise and training.
Its not a case of stupidity - its just the way it is for some.

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