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Re: The Marxist Views of the Typical Linux Advocate, Roy Schesotiwtz....

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____/ Vincent Fritters on Thursday 12 March 2009 18:27 : \____

> On 2009-03-12, Doctor Smith <iaintgotnostinkinemail@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> The connection between socialism, Marxism and Linux is a close one.
>> Even our own Roy Schesotiwtz seems to be a Marxist at large.
>> In his own words:
>> http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/12/irc-log-11032009-1/
>> schestowitz  Bibles are genocidal literature.        Mar 11 00:01
>> schestowitz  IF anything needs to be burned it?s not stuff like Das Kapital
>> So there you have it.
>> The truth comes out.
> If anything nothing should be burned because we need to have a historical
> record of the good, the bad and the ugly. Look how much was lost
> in the dark ages due to ignorance. Just because a person wishes to
> preserve books like Das Kapital and Mein Kampf doesn't necessarily mean
> that they agree with such works.

If my messages are seen in context, then you'll see that Gary M Stewart (Smith)
is just desperate scooping up dirt, without success.

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