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Re: [News] John Dvorak Dumps Windows for GNU/Linux...

After takin' a swig o' grog, JEDIDIAH belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

> On 2009-03-12, Hadron <hadronquark@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>> 'The veteran essayist and cable TV star says he will "install [Ubuntu
>>>>> 8.10] permanently on my latest machines."
>> Nowhere did he say he would be dumping Windows.
> ...actually, he said he would be dumping Windows as much as he possibly can.
> That was clear as day poserboy.
> That leads to the obvious followup article titled "why haven't I dumped
> Windows completely yet". However, the intent of the original thread
> title was by no stretch of the imagination a misrepesentation.
> Once again you prove yourself a Lemming Troll.

Hadron prefers to overlook the fact that a long-time "computer" journalist,
who writes a lot about Windows, has decided that he's going to use a popular
version of Linux on his main machine(s) now.

Hadron prefers to push the advantages and dominance of Windows and Microsoft
software, while claiming to love Linux in order to innoculate his
disease-ridden credibility.  Too little, too late, Hadron.

Hadron wants to quibble about the word "dumping" and shit all over people
who use it, quite rightly, to convey the connotations of Dvorak's article.

Hadron is the one doing the real dump.

Well, /somebody/ dropped these kids off at the pool.

Gnagloot, n.:
	A person who leaves all his ski passes on his jacket just to
	impress people.
		-- Rich Hall, "Sniglets"

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