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Re: [News] Copyrights Cartel Attacks the Internet and Current Copyright Law

Thufir Hawat wrote:
On Thu, 12 Mar 2009 11:38:54 +0000, Phil Da Lick! wrote:

Hadron wrote:
"Phil Da Lick!" <phil_the_lick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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Top musicians unite to form copyright lobby group

,----[ Quote ]
| They earn millions and the extent of their diva-esque demands is
often mind | boggling. But tomorrow, Robbie Williams, KT Tunstall and
the members of | Radiohead will join a group of high-profile
musicians to protest at how badly | they are treated by record
companies and music streaming websites like | YouTube.     `----

£80M contract. Yeah that Robbie Williams got royally shafted by EMI
all right. The poor dear. Let's give him some more money. Doesn't
matter if we have to make up some new laws further restricting the
freedoms of the masses - it's in a good cause after all.
You're a free loading tightwad. The amount he got is immaterial ( he
was the #1 recording artists in the world, so who should get money? Him
or his label?). The point is that he is coming out to represent the
little men who get shafted by labels and freetards.
The money he got is most definitely not immaterial when he starts
crusading against unfair treatment of musicians. And do a bit of
research into how the money from these "collecting societies" is
distributed. And one more thing regarding little men getting "shafted"
by labels - if they don't like the terms of the contract they are
offered then DON'T FUCKING SIGN IT. Moaning about it years later is
frankly hyporcritical.

 > But you wont understand
that because you think taking other people's work and not paying is ok.
Still untrue.

Err, since the dawn of time musicians have been exploited. Most musicians probably don't have adequate representation, or aren't in a position to negotiate. If the song is a hit, *then*, on the next contract, the musician can get a good deal. But, maybe they'll just be a one-hit-wonder, never getting much compensation.

Precisely the point. The first contract is usually for shit money but you don't hear the musicians complaining because of the exposure and promotional activities they get as part of the contract. If they're successful enough they can always make money with concert tours during this phase of their careers.

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