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Re: [News] Microsoft to End up Like SCO, Patents to Lose Their Bubble Value

On 2009-03-11, Peter Köhlmann <peter-koehlmann@xxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
> DFS wrote:
>> Sinister Midget wrote:
>>> On 2009-03-11, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
>>>> Why Microsoft has chosen to go after Linux now
>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>>> But if any Microsoft employee went to a free software or open source
>>>>> conference today, I doubt he or she would attract anything other
>>>>> than hostile glares. By suing GPS device maker TomTom over alleged
>>>>> violation of patents connected with an implementation of the Linux
>>>>> kernel any goodwill that Microsoft has built up has gone down the
>>>>> drain.
>>> Not to mention the last bit of hokey crap Erik had that MICROS~1 was
>>> just a poor, misunderstood company that we should all love and respect
>>> because they never have or would sue over patents.
>> I'm sure you'll be providing proof of this any day now...

I don't plan on making a habit of this, Doofie. But once in awhile is
OK I suppose. It only takes one to answer you. But:







There now. That wasn't so hard. It took me less than 5 minutes. It
shouldn't take a highly-paid, in-demand, full-qualified burger-flipper
like you more than an hour.

> Erik has claimed that bullshit often enough.
> His claim was always that MS would use patents only as protection, not to 
> start ligitation. As usual, Erik was either completely wrong or outright 
> lying. 
> But then, nobody with half a brain believed his crap then

That's why DuFuS would fall for it. He has less than half a brain.

Some men rob you with a six-gun, others with a fountain pen.
  -- Woodie Guthrie

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