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[News] Why Mono is Poison Inside GNU/Linux

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Man oh Man oh Mono

,----[ Quote ]
| Well lo and behold what happens? Microsoft comes out against Tom Tom and 
| three of the 7 patents they claim infringe target technologies used in the 
| Linux kernel and technology built on top of Linux. Fat patents and Windowing 
| environment are at stake here.    
| [...]
| Alas, back to Mono and once again I must ask myself. Is if really worth it to 
| dance with the beast? How many times are we going to ferry the scorpion 
| across the river on our backs only to be stung each time we reach the shore? 
| The old adage proclaims: “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on 
| me.” We’ve been fooled way to many times now and I for one am sick of looking 
| like an idiot.      
| If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you always 
| got. Microsoft has not changed it’s colors at all. Why should we continue to 
| compromise?  



Patent suit tells us why we should shun Mono, Moonlight

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has shown the world exactly how friendly it is towards open source
| by going to court to claim damages over patents which have been allegedly
| violated in an implementation of the Linux kernel. And that's a good reason
| why FOSS users should avoid Mono and Moonlight like the plague.
| [...]
| He was then asked by Mozilla engineering vice-president Mike Schroepfer
| whether there would be the same protection if one downloaded and then
| distributed the code for Moonlight
| "There is a patent covenant for anyone that downloads [Moonlight] from
| Novell," he answered and was then forced to admit that "as to extending the
| patents to third parties - you have to talk to Microsoft."
| That's exactly what Microsoft was saying to TomTom before it sued the GPS
| maker on Wednesday - talk to us and sign a licensing deal. Is that what FOSS
| users want to do - pay royalties for using software?



Mono, The Road To Hell: Final Proof

,----[ Quote ]
| This is a Microsoft-branded piece of shit.
| Now, if there are still Linux users still loving Mono, and still believing
| they have anything in common with FREEDOM & Open Source, they're idiots like
| hell.
| Proofs of MALA FIDE from Microsoft's part:
|  1. NOBODY interested in a good-faith patent protection would restrict the
|  protection to the downstream recipients of a UNIQUE source — but this is
|  what Microsoft is doing!
|  2. NOBODY interested in a good-faith patent protection would restrict the
|  protection to the UNMODIFIED AND USED "AS INTENDED" ("for the intended
|  purpose") for an OPEN-SOURCE project — but this is what Microsoft is doing!
|  3. NOBODY interested in a good-faith patent protection would restrict the
|  protection in any ways. Simply imposing restrictions means WHATEVER FALLS
| Yes, this is Microsoft. Yes, this covenant is ONLY and ONLY for the benefit
| of Novell's SLED and SLES, and for the benefit of openSUSE. This is for
| people to ONLY consider openSUSE as a "safe" Linux way to use Moonlight and
| Mono, and therefore to increase the penetration of SLED/SLES as "the" Linux
| for the Enterprise.
| This is the abjection of the Microsoft-Novell fascist conspiracy.
| Have a nice day.


Shining Some Light on Microsoft's Moonlight Covenant

,----[ Quote ]
| My conclusion now, after having reviewed it, is the same as I predicted. This
| is worthless and potentially harmful vapor-speak.


Is .NET on GNU/Linux a Trojan Horse?

,----[ Quote ]
| There were two basic propositions in my mind on how could they hurt Free
| Software.
|     * 1. Copyright threat? -- If Mono stuff is under a Free Software
|          license, once Microsoft or Novell change the licensing terms
|          over the Free .NET implementation we can just fork away. This
|          is where my trust into Free Software licenses comes into play.
|     * 2. Software patents threat? -- Nothing new, there is patent
|          saber rattling already and no software is safe from patents anyway.

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