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[News] Fedora 10 with KDE 4.2 Looking Good, Working Well

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Linux Fedora KDE 10: First Look

,----[ Quote ]
| As you have seen, I have only graced the surface of Fedora 10.  It really it 
| is not that hard to use since the interface is very Windows-like.  If you 
| want to try it in your machine, get the Live CD first so you can check it out 
| without touching your actual system setup.   



Thunderbird 3 Coming To Fedora 11

,----[ Quote ]
| Fedora 11 is reaching an impressive number of accepted features. Beyond
| introducing Intel and NVIDIA kernel mode-setting, Nouveau becoming the
| default NVIDIA driver, and a new volume control interface, there will be a
| plethora of package updates. Fedora 11 will have available Xfce 4.6, GNOME
| 2.26, and KDE 4.2 for the desktops.


Fedora 11 Will Have An Incredible Number Of New Features

,----[ Quote ]
| Fedora 10, an amazing Fedora release in its own right, had 28 approved
| features. Fedora 9 had 30 and Fedora 8 had 21.
| As of writing this Fedora 11 has 51 which have already been approved, plus
| another 9 waiting to be approved any day now. That means in the end there
| should be ~60 approved features which make it into Fedora 11! This doesn’t
| even count the work going into external things such as overhauling the
| documentation or the community work going into the Moksha project.


Fedora 10 regains Linux fans

,----[ Quote ]
| I know personally, I'm been very impressed by Fedora 10. This edition of
| Fedora is the first one in years to have won a long-term place on my Linux
| desktop line-up in my office/lab. While I have over two-dozen computers that
| I use for evaluations, that still isn't enough. So I only keep operating
| systems around that I think are either truly useful or matter to many users.
| Fedora makes it on both accounts.
| I suspect too that Red Hat, which is re-entering the Linux desktop market,
| has been working hard to improve Fedora as a desktop system for the last few
| months. From where I sit, it's certainly Red Hat's best desktop in years.


Red Hat Fedora Linux 10 nears 1 million user mark

,----[ Quote ]
| When combined with other actively used Fedora distributions as of Feb 16,
| 2009, Fedora's counting method reports 12,188,598 Fedora Linux installations
| across Fedora 7,8,9 and 10 releases.


Fedora Users Gather In Berlin for LinuxTag And Fedora 11 Development

,----[ Quote ]
| The Fedora Project, a Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) sponsored and community-supported
| open source collaboration project, announced today that the Fedora Project
| will host the Fedora Users and Developers Conference (FUDCon) between June
| 26-28, 2009 in Berlin, Germany. FUDCon is a periodically held, community
| event where the Fedora community meets to discuss and collaborate on cutting
| edge technology features that eventually become part of the next release of
| the Fedora platform.


Red Hat returns to the Linux desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Does this mean that Red Hat will be getting back into the Linux desktop
| business? That's the question I posed to Red Hat CTO Brian Stevens, in a
| phone call after the Red Hat/KVM press conference, and he told me that, "Yes.
| Red Hat will indeed be pushing the Linux desktop again."


Nouveau Becomes The Default Driver In Fedora 11

,----[ Quote ]
| Among a horde of other features to be introduced with Fedora 11 (a.k.a.
| Leonidas), the Nouveau driver will become the default NVIDIA driver on this
| Red Hat distribution.


Video: FUDCon F11

,----[ Quote ]
| In January, a whole slew of Red Hat engineers and Fedora Project volunteers
| got together at the Fedora Users and Developers Conference (FUDCon) to
| collaborate on features for Fedora 11, setting team objectives, and other
| initiatives. Contributors including QA experts, marketing gurus, community
| managers, and our friends from the One Laptop Per Child project all came
| together. They presented new ideas at technical talks, worked on tasks, and
| most of all had fun in the brilliant, vibrant atmosphere that defines Fedora.
| If you weren’t able to make it, here’s a chance for you to see what you
| missed. Get a taste for how FUDCon works and the excitement it generates for
| everyone in the community.

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