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Re: [News] System76 Notebooks with GNU/Linux Preloaded Receives 9 Out of 10

On 2009-03-10, Hadron <hadronquark@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Vincent Fritters <Vince@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> On 2009-03-10, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> System76 Serval Professional Notebook
>>> http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=system76_serval_pro&num=1
>> It's way overpriced. Why so expensive?
> The work to support Linux I epxect. And minimal sales mean they must
> make money somehow. You do realise these people are making a living
> doing this dont you? They must earn money? Not everyone lives in their
> Mother's basement eating pizza and scratching their beards Vinnie. Most
> customers don't have the smarts to sort the wheat from the chaff in the
> forums. And those that do can install it themsleves or maybe (LOL) pay
> Telnet Terry Porter a few hundred to install it for them. Can you
> imagine listening to Ahlstrom telling you how to install the NVidia
> driver for example only to find out he was wrong, knew he was wrong but
> was exhibiting "choice" and fuck everyone else?
> Simple economics old boy.
> Low sales and high maintenance = high price.

I suspect we have all become used to mass market products
at low prices. Home Depot can sell products for less than the
local hardware store. Sometimes though there is an extra added
value to buying locally from the little guy though.
In this case maybe it's support, I don't really know as
I have never heard of that company.
Some of the comments on the site mention good support that's
not offshored, apparently. For some people that is enough
to make them pay more. 
For me it's not as I rarely need support.

Vincent Fritters
Farmer Vincent's Smoked Meats.
"Meat's Meat and Man's Gotta Eat" 

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