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[News] Big Proprietary 'Buddies' of Microsoft to Shed Off Staff

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Novell's SUSE Linux futures

,----[ Quote ]
| Novell is in trouble. As Novell CFO Dana Russell said during the recent 
| earnings call, "Our Linux business is dependent on large deals, which may 
| result in some fluctuations of our quarterly invoicing. This quarter, we did 
| not sign any large deals, many of which have been historically fulfilled by 
| Microsoft certificates."    
| Novell first partnered up with Microsoft to boost its Linux business. Now, it 
| appears Novell needs Microsoft to keep its head above water. 


Apple laying off 50 sales staff due to economy, enterprise

,----[ Quote ]
| After making itself appear impervious to economic conditions, Apple has 
| reportedly shown 50 enterprise sales workers the exit in a low-key move that 
| refocuses the company.  



Microsoft slashes rates for temp workers, blaming bad economy

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft, citing the "realities of a deteriorating economy," will reduce by
| 10 percent the amount it pays employment agencies for many of its temporary
| workers -- and cut by 15 percent the target billing rate for future temporary
| work.


Microsoft reaffirms grim outlook for year

,----[ Quote ]
| Shares of Microsoft sank 58 cents, or 3.4 percent, to $16.63 in midday
| trading amid a broader market sell-off.


Microsoft's Razorfish Cuts Another 70 (MSFT)

,----[ Quote ]
| Fresh layoffs at Microsoft-owned (MSFT) ad agency Razorfish, with 70
| employees being let go (4% of the workforce) in Seattle, Portland, San Fran,
| and LA. That follows thousands of layoffs at Microsoft generally, and 40
| positions cut from Razorfish in New York in November.


Razorfish cuts more staff

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's online ad agency Razorfish is slashing staff again. The agency
| laid off 70 employees yesterday in its West coast offices of Seattle,
| Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The job cuts follow two other rounds
| of layoffs last  year, in October and December.


Microsoft won't disclose full extent of job cuts

,----[ Quote ]
| So, in short, we're not going to be getting much more info from Microsoft. We
| do have to say though, considering all the nice, helpful people that have
| recently lost their gigs, that last sentence is pretty icy.


Microsoft should have made deeper cuts, analysts contend

,----[ Quote ]
| The unprecedented layoffs and other cutbacks announced yesterday by Microsoft
| haven't appeased Wall Street. Microsoft shares are down more than 6 percent
| since the news came out, and some analysts assert that the company needed to
| go much further.

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