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[News] Mozilla Starts Competition, New Prototype

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Mozilla Labs Announces 2009 Design Challenge: SxSW Edition

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla Labs is calling on its community to share ideas to make it easier to 
| upload files. They’re looking for ideas and mockups to address file uploading 
| issues including the inability to drag-and-drop and upload multiple files, 
| and the need for Flash or server-side hacking to provide any kind of progress 
| indication.    


Hands-on with Mozilla Labs' new tab prototypes

,----[ Quote ]
| In other Firefox-related news, the developers are discussing the possibility 
| of adopting the version number "3.5" for the next release instead of 3.1. 
| This proposed change is intended to reflect the significant number of 
| features that have been implemented for the release, but would not entail an 
| expansion of the timeline or any alternations to the roadmap. Firefox 
| development director Mike Beltzner says that this change is simply a 
| possibility and that a final decision has not yet been reached.      
| Indeed, we think that calling it 3.5 would be appropriate in light of the 
| significance of many of the improvements. In addition to user-centric 
| enhancements like private browsing and major performance and memory 
| optimizations, it also has an extremely nice lineup of developer-oriented 
| features such as native JSON parsing, worker threads, cross-site 
| XMLHttpRequest, and embedded font support. Multimedia is also getting a big 
| boost in Firefox 3.1 with the inclusion of built-in Ogg decoders and support 
| for the HTML 5 video element.       


'Firefox Web Developer' is a hidden security gem

,----[ Quote ]
| Have you ever come across a situation where you've needed a tool but didn't 
| think you had the right one to get the job done? Like when you're trying to 
| change a smoke detector battery or tighten a loose door knob -- it seems as 
| if the tool you need is never handy, and you might even have to go out and 
| buy it. What we tend to forget is that we can often solve our project needs 
| with ordinary household items like a butter knife or nail clippers -- things 
| that you wouldn't expect to use but can get the job done.      



Mozilla: Sometimes govt. is answer to Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite this success, Baker believes that government, and in the European
| Commission in particular, has a role to play in further leveling the playing
| field. As she notes in a recent blog post, government entities would perhaps
| have less relevance but for the antitrust activity that resulted in
| Microsoft's dominant market share in the first place:
|     Microsoft did not obtain its (Internet Explorer) hegemony solely through
|     competition on the merits of IE. A number of illegal activities were also
|     involved in creating IE's market dominance...The idea that Microsoft is
|     an innocent victim (of European Commission intervention) is deeply
|     flawed.

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