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[News] Vyatta's Linux-based and Free/Open Source Routers Get Even Better

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Vyatta Adds Security Tools to Open-source Routing Platform

,----[ Quote ]
| Open-source routing vendor Vyatta is adding SSL VPN, intrusion prevention, 
| Web caching, URL filtering and other features in Vyatta Community Edition 5 
| (VC5), the latest version of its software, set to be released Monday.  
| Following the practice of Linux distributors, Vyatta distributes routing 
| software in a free version and sells a more up-to-date version along with 
| support. Customers can also buy the software on a standard x86 server. It 
| offers a less expensive, more flexible alternative to the familiar enterprise 
| routing products from the likes of Cisco Systems and Juniper, according to 
| Vyatta. The platform is designed primarily for enterprises, and about half of 
| its customers are outside the U.S., according to Dave Roberts, vice president 
| of strategy and marketing for the Belmont, California, company.       



Nuxeo claims it’s flying in open source ECM

,----[ Quote ]
| Nuxeo, the open source enterprise content management (ECM) platform vendor,
| says its first semester results saw sales up 50%, plus a 30% increase in new
| customers and a 300% increase in software downloads. From what to what, we
| are left to ponder...


Vyatta Aims Higher

,----[ Quote ]
| Belmont, Calif.-based open source router maker Vyatta has issued a flurry of
| press releases since the start of the year. The most significant news was the
| most recent: the release of its Community Edition 4.



Vyatta: A high-end Linux-based firewall and router

,----[ Quote ]
| Let's play a Linux word association game. Red Hat is to Microsoft as Vyatta
| is to Cisco.


Free x86 Linux router distro rev'd

,----[ Quote ]
| Vyatta Community Edition 2.2 ("Camarillo") features security and flexibility
| enhancements to the BGP (border gateway protocol) stack, and usability
| enhancements related to NAT (network address translation) and DHCP (dynamic
| host configuration protocol).  

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