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[News] [Rival] The Gates Fundry Puts Money in Billionaire's Account

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Gates foundation sells off Buffett shares


The Gates Fundation[sic] is slowly being shown for the tax-evading,
profit-boosting scheme that it is.


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation- Truth Revealed


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation- Truth Revealed Part 2


Dark cloud over good works of Gates Found


Gates Foundation Revokes Pledge to Review Portfolio

,----[ Quote ]
| ...the Gates Foundation took down their public statement on this
| and replaced it with a significantly altered version which seems to
| say that investing responsibly would just be too complex for them
| and that they need to focus on their core mission: 'There are
| dozens of factors that could be considered, almost all of which
| are outside the foundation's areas of expertise. The issues
| involved are quite complex...


Gates Foundation’s Influence Criticized

,----[ Quote ]
| The chief of malaria for the World Health Organization has complained that
| the growing dominance of malaria research by the Bill and Melinda Gates
| Foundation risks stifling a diversity of views among scientists and wiping
| out the world health agency’s policy-making function.


More on Troy Wolverton, the Street, and Apple Scandal

,----[ Quote ]
| MediaNews did buy the Mercury News with a loan from Bill Gates' foundation,
| and is in the process of paying back that loan by publishing information
| without much journalistic or technical integrity.  
| Specifically, I wrote “One might think that the San Jose Mercury News, being
| located in Apple's backyard, would tend to trumpet the company's success. One
| would be wrong... Apple's corporate proximity to San Jose is trumped by the
| Mercury News’ need to publish low cost, highly sensational news to make
| enough money to pay back Bill Gates for the favor of his humanitarian loan.”    


Bill Gates expands photo empire

,----[ Quote ]
| Bill Gates has acquired a 5.2 percent stake in Eastman Kodak, according to a
| regulatory filing today. The Microsoft chairman owns the shares through his
| Cascade Investment LLC investment arm and the Bill & Melinda Gates
| Foundation.


Bill Gates Reduces Gamco Investors Stake

,----[ Quote ]
| Gates' private investment vehicle, Cascade Investment LLC, reported owning
| 845,562 shares of the Rye, N.Y.-based investment management company.


Bill Gates cuts stake in Gabelli's Gamco


And so it continues…

,----[ Quote ]
| Not surprisingly people are already trying to work out where the money leads
| to. Groklaw reckons its found a link to Bill Gates via Prince Al-Waleed bin
| Talal Al Saud. Dana Blankenhorn isn’t convinced.  


SCO goes private, gets $100M to keep going, McBride out?

,----[ Quote ]
| According to the same release, Stephen Norris, managing partner for SNCP,
| claims that SNCP has a business plan for SCO "that will enable the company to
| see SCO's legal claims through to their full conclusion."  


Quick Take: An Insane Investment in SCO

,----[ Quote ]
| Assuming that the legal system hasn't gone entirely bonkers yet, the
| investment also sets Red Hat  (NYSE: RHT) up to follow its lawsuit against
| SCO to its logical conclusion, after the IBM suit fizzles out. If I were Red
| Hat, I'd send Stephen Norris a thank-you note. Seriously, guys -- what were
| you thinking?    


Bill Gates fund reports 12.8 pct PlanetOut stake

,----[ Quote ]
| Bill Gates' investment fund Cascade Investment LLC reported in a regulatory
| filing on Friday that its holds a 12.8 percent stake in the common stock of
| online media company PlanetOut Inc.  


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