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Re: Microsoft to allow users to switch off IE ..

Ezekiel wrote:

> "Doug Mentohl" <doug_mentohl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:gp19ev$uin$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Ezekiel wrote:
>>> The question was never how to install KDE components on a gnome
>>> system. The question is how to take a KDE system and then totally
>>> remove khtml/webkit from it.
>> A nonsensically question, The question should be how to take a Vista
>> Desktop Window Manager and totally remove it and see what happens.
>> Under Linux you can replace it with any of the following.
> The actual question is why do large desktop environments rely on a HTML
> rendering engine. The answer that you and your little buddy "7" gave are
> irrelevant. Both of you are arguing that 'KDE isn't tied to khtml/webkit
> because you don't have to use KDE.' Because you can run another desktop
> doesn't address the point.
> Large desktop environments need an HTML engine. Period. For KDE its
> khtml/webkit. People who run Ubuntu/gnome are going to need the Gecko
> HTML engine. For the Windows the desktop needs the mshtml rendering
> engine which is what IE naturally uses.
> You can remove or replace the /browser/ but the engine can never be
> "totally removed" if you want a fully functional desktop. The html
> engine is essentially a system-wide resource that's required in many
> things other than just the web-browser.

The point being that you can replace the linux engine. For KDE you already 
have 2 choices, 3 if you include Gecko (you *did* know that KDE can use 
the gecko engine, did you?)
And gnome now also use webkit, so there is choice too.

Oh, I mentioned "choice". Too bad that you guys can't handle that
Yield to Temptation ... it may not pass your way again.
                -- Lazarus Long, "Time Enough for Love"

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