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Re: Microsoft to allow users to switch off IE ..

"Doug Mentohl" <doug_mentohl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> Ezekiel wrote:
>> The question was never how to install KDE components on a gnome system. 
>> The question is how to take a KDE system and then totally remove 
>> khtml/webkit from it.
> A nonsensically question, The question should be how to take a Vista 
> Desktop Window Manager and totally remove it and see what happens. Under 
> Linux you can replace it with any of the following.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desktop_environment#Examples_of_desktop_environments

The actual question is why do large desktop environments rely on a HTML 
rendering engine. The answer that you and your little buddy "7" gave are 
irrelevant. Both of you are arguing that 'KDE isn't tied to khtml/webkit 
because you don't have to use KDE.' Because you can run another desktop 
doesn't address the point.

Large desktop environments need an HTML engine. Period. For KDE its 
khtml/webkit. People who run Ubuntu/gnome are going to need the Gecko HTML 
engine. For the Windows the desktop needs the mshtml rendering engine which 
is what IE naturally uses.

You can remove or replace the /browser/ but the engine can never be 
"totally removed" if you want a fully functional desktop. The html engine 
is essentially a system-wide resource that's required in many things other 
than just the web-browser.

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