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Re: [News] Sun CEO: OpenOffice.org Reaches 2,000,000-3,000,000 New Users PER WEEK

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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> Technology Adoption (2 of 4)
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | On the consumer side, OpenOffice.org, which certainly promotes Sun's
> | vision of open standards and data formats, reaches nearly three million
> | new users - every week. Adding them to a user base we estimate to be
> | between 150 and 200 million users. Talk about global circulation.
> `----
> http://blogs.sun.com/jonathan/entry/step_one_adoption


What a hammer to bash micoshaft with!

Micoshaft doesn't make enough money from selling its worthless OSen
to feed its worthless OSen developers. The OS market is a crowded place
with much more competitive Linux pushing into every niche. Thats why
micoshaft analysists recommend it cut back its work force from 90,000 to
50,000. Micoshaft OSen developers have to be subsidised by application
developers - namely by selling the micoshaft oriffice product.
This is a massive market distortion held together only by monopoly
practices and unsustainable.
If micoshfat oriffice is going down the pan, micorshaft will
not have any money to feed the application developers and
its worthless OSen developers at the same time. With a $24 billion wages
bill, micosahft will just implode.
The regulators are all asleep drunk on tax payer money.
When the implosion happens, a lot of investors are going
to loose money. They need to break up micoshaft now to ease
the pain.

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