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[News] Linux Grows in Mobile 'Thanks' to Economic Trouble

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'Openness' leads way for mobile platforms

,----[ Quote ]
| Byrne said the decision to move Symbian to open source is crucial in 
| maintaining its leadership over Android, Linux and Microsoft, in an 
| increasingly competitive market.   


Economic Slowdown Accelerates Linux Growth in Mobile Handsets

,----[ Quote ]
| With deteriorating global economic conditions making their impact felt in the 
| wireless industry, handset OEMs and mobile network operators are looking to 
| Linux-based operating systems to cut costs and diversify their handset 
| portfolios, reports IMS Research.   
| While Linux-based operating systems have had a presence in the mobile handset 
| market for years, growth has been slow and steady until recently. However, 
| recent announcements from Motorola, Vodafone, HTC, and Huawei, among others, 
| all stating that Linux-based operating systems will figure in to their 
| upcoming handset releases, clearly demonstrate that OEMs and operators are 
| ready to embrace Linux software on a larger scale, according to IMS Research.     



Smartphones: they're all about Linux, baby

,----[ Quote ]
| iPhone challengers Palm Pre as well as HTC's Dream and Magic have one thing
| in common: Linux-based operating systems. We look at why Linux is so good for
| smartphones.


Smartphones Will Double Their Share of the Handset Market by 2013, According to

,----[ Quote ]
| Smartphones with Linux OS (including Android) will see the highest growth and
| the second highest volume behind Symbian. Linux OS will outpace Windows
| Mobile, RIM and iPhone OSX.


Google’s Android May Challenge Microsoft in Portables

,----[ Quote ]
| Google started Android in 2007 as part of an industry effort to create a free
| software system for phones. Based on the Linux operating system, Android is
| open to any programmer who wants to develop features for it. T-Mobile USA
| Inc., the fourth- biggest wireless carrier in the U.S., offers an Android
| phone called the G1.


Motorola disses Windows Mobile: Android "more competitive"

,----[ Quote ]
| Handset maker Motorola has revealed plans to scale back its commitment to
| Windows Mobile as it continues to increase its investment in Google's open
| source Android mobile platform.

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