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[News] Kindle 2 Turns to Linux Machine

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Kindle 2 hacks: bypassing Whispernet

,----[ Quote ]
| Vincent has also achieved a root shell with telnet access on his Kindle but 
| for the time being has declined to share step-by-step details on how to 
| achieve this for yourself. He writes, "If you're interested in voiding the 
| warranty on your Kindle 2, my writeup about USB Networking, igorsk's posts 
| from 2007, the Kindle 2.0.1 update, a copy of the right build of busybox and 
| a little bit of hackery will get you your very own login on a cute little ARM 
| Linux box with 128 megs of RAM."      



5 Reasons Why I Bought a Kindle 2

,----[ Quote ]
| Until the release of this version of the Kindle, I hadn't been particularly
| interested in buying one. Frankly, I thought the first Kindle was ugly and a
| rather stupid idea. I chuckled and snorted with derision when Amazon first
| announced it, sure that it would be just another e-book bomb like so many
| before it. But oddly enough, the Kindle turned out to be a reasonable success
| with around 500,000 estimated sales last year.


Stephen King pens Kindle2 exclusive

,----[ Quote ]
| AMAZON IS EXPECTED TO ANNOUNCE the arrival of the new version of its Kindle
| electronic book reader today, and the Wall Street Journal is reporting that
| the internet trader has added a bit of clout to the launch by persuading pulp
| horror author Stephen King to write a new book which will (for the time being
| at least) be available exclusively on the Kindle 2.


Amazon unveils Kindle 2.0

,----[ Quote ]
| The worst kept secret in literary history has finally been officially
| confirmed by Amazon: the existence of its Kindle 2.

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