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Re: [News] Vista 7 Stinks Badly on Sub-notebooks, GNU/Linux to Capitalise

Terry Porter wrote:
Chris Ahlstrom wrote:

3-dollar-3-app Win 7 anyone?

Thats a lot of sales needed to replace just one office chair!

"under NO circumstances lose against Linux ..."

Education and Government Incentives program


Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2002 8:17 AM

The goal of this project is to provide a mechanism for emerging markets to build a rich,
active, legal ecosystem around PC computing, and at the same time, make computers
with Microsoft Windows preinstalled more affordable, especially in the education

Example scenario:
The government of "X" is advocating using open source for all government-funded
computers in order to keep "X" dollars inside the country and save the taxpayers millions
of dollars. They are therefore looking at rolling out 50,000 PC’s with Linux to all their K-12
schools and run StarOffice for free or a locally-produced package that they can
purchase for $5/desktop.

After extensive selling by the local MS account team, including the country GM, to
convince them of the higher vatue, lower TCO, and overall advantages of the
Windows-based eco-system in their country, the government still maintains that while
there might be some premium attached to our software, it’s not enough to justify the
investment and they will stick with their plan to go open source across all schools.
In order to compete more effectively against Linux and other providers on these deals,
we can now leverage the Education and Government Incentive [EDGI] program to
help tip the scales to MS in the deal. After engaging the regional team. the region may
use funds to provide services and/or rebates to the customer with the following
Not to exceed the estimated Windows royalties recognized by MS from the OEM selling
the PC’s to the customer (in the example, 50,000 PC’s at approxo $100/PC for OEM
Windows XP Professional would result in a maximum of $5M for the individual deal).

Bottom line do our best to show the great value of our software to these
customers and ensure we get paid for it under NO circumstances lose against
Linux before ensuring we have used this program actively and in a smart way.

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