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Re: [News] Vista 7 Stinks Badly on Sub-notebooks, GNU/Linux to Capitalise

Megabyte wrote:

> The
> problem is many of the current Linux models also have capabilities
> limited by default

I just don't know why you keep claiming this, when it's just not accurate,
and I can't believe that by now, you're still unaware of it.

The *standard* capabilities of Linpus Lite (acer Aspire One) leave even the
most advanced Windows install for dead in terms of capabilities.

I won't list them again, it's just too tedious.

Same with the *standard* Xandros install on a EeePC.

> so people may accept a limited version of Windows 7 
> as the default.  Time will tell.

When the Windows unit costs more ?  ...... PUHLEESE!

I think in this segment, price is king, and you haven't even seen the 
ARM offerings yet.  Microsoft won't be able to offer any version of Windows
on them and thereby exclude the products from Windows retailers.

I have owned an ARM Internet tablet for a couple of years, it fits in my
pocket, has the Opera Browser, WiFi, Bluetooth, Xchat, Nmap, SSH,
Maemomapper (GPS), mplayer, audio player and a ton of other stuff, all
installable over WiFi by its Debian package manager.

 It runs continuously for over 5 hours on a charge, including the screen
(800x480) being backlit the whole time. I have highly detailed GPS maps
saved on its 2GB SD card, and if it needs a new map, it will download one
automatically via WiFi.

Two years ago it cost $230 AUD *brand new* !

If any of the new ARMS come with a Eink display, they will blow mine away,
in terms of all day battery life and outdoor display visibility etc.

Microsoft don't seem to understand that they are going to be swept away in a
tidal wave of portable Linux powered devices, and that they have no
products to fight back with.

If we wish to reduce our ignorance, there are people we will
indeed listen to.  Trolls are not among those people, as trolls, more or
less by definition, *promote* ignorance.
          Kelsey Bjarnason, C.O.L.A. 2008

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