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Re: [News] British Library's Gamble on Microsoft and DRM Backfires Badly

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____/ Terry Porter on Friday 06 March 2009 23:37 : \____

> Mark Kent wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>>> British Library fears loss of history
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>| Lynne Brindley, director of the British Library, said that data and
>>>| information on our time that has been entrusted to the web is being lost
>>>| as some sites close or the technology they have stored the information
>>>| on becomes obsolete.
>>> `----
>> Haha! That's really funny.  The BL went all Microsoft, and suddenly
>> they're worred about obsolesence?  Amazing.
> <snip>
> It's a lovely day in NSW today, the sun is shining and white whispy clouds
> float lazily overhead, boyed up in a bright blue sky.
> But after reading these articles, a dark stygian pall seems to have settled
> down around me.
> It's bad enough having Microsoft pollute the world with their toy OS, but to
> now lock up our academic knowledge is just too much.

When Microsoft had declared its attempt to enter healthcare data management,
the assumption stated by some is that Microsoft sought bankruptcy protection
because the data it hoards is too vital (a mortal question).

Microsoft's stock value sank 75% (!!) below its all-time high. Is the BL paying
attention at all?

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