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[News] Web Censorship in Australia Derailed by Protesters

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Australian Internet Censorship Plan Hits Roadblock

,----[ Quote ]
| The SMH reports that independent Senator Nick Xenophon is going to scuttle 
| the government's mandatory internet censorship plan - Web censorship plan 
| heads towards a dead end. Please re-elect him South Australians.  



Oz net censorship apparatus to target BitTorrent

,----[ Quote ]
| The national web censorship apparatus being built by the Australian
| government will also include technology to restrict peer-to-peer traffic,
| according to the minister responsible for the plan.
| Until today it had been thought that what opponents have called the "great
| Aussie firewall" - in a nod to Chinese internet censorship - would target
| only data transmitted over HTTP or HTTPS.


Aussie net filtering scheme has serious security risks

,----[ Quote ]
| A REVEALING INTERVIEW with computer security techspert, Matthew Strahan, has
| brought to light disturbing potential problems with Australia's upcoming
| ISP-level censorship plan, including the facilitating of personal data
| interception and even bringing down the whole Australian Internet.
| In an interview to BanThisURL, Strahan, known as a "white hat hacker" because
| his job is hacking into company computer systems in order to fix their
| vulnerabilities, said any filters could be worked around, and might even pose
| security risks that wouldn't have occurred without them.


Internet Censors Must Be Accountable For The Things They Break

,----[ Quote ]
| Censorship technologies are purveyed as a way to protect us from the evils of
| child abuse. But they're costly systems that are unlikely to actually protect
| anyone or prevent any child abuse — they're more likely to interfere with the
| way the Internet works and hamper innovation by online communities.


Labor plan to censor internet in shreds

,----[ Quote ]
| The Government's plan to censor the internet is in tatters, with Australia's
| largest ISP saying it will not take part in live trials of the system and the
| second largest committing only to a scaled-back trial.
| And the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, has written to critics
| saying that the so-called "live" trials would be "a closed network test and
| will not involve actual customers". Greens Senator Scott Ludlam said this was
| a sign the Government was slowly backing away from the heavily criticised
| policy.


The Net is Under Threat

,----[ Quote ]
| Community advocacy group GetUp is running a new campaign against Australian
| Federal Government plans to censor what we view on the internet. The ‘Save
| the Net’ campaign is gaining momentum, with over 55,000 Australians having
| already signed a petition to Communications Minister Senator Conroy voicing
| their outrage over the Government’s ill-considered ideas.


Simpsons and filters signal new era of Internet McCarthyism

,----[ Quote ]
| Some worrying signs concerning our basic freedoms have begun to emerge
| throughout the free world, with the UK and Australia at the forefront of a
| disturbing trend to censor the Internet. Two recent events indicate an
| erosion of our rights as citizens within a free society.


Anti Internet filtering rebels hit the streets

,----[ Quote ]
| Opponents to the government's Internet content filtering scheme will take to
| the streets in a series of protests planned in Australia's capital cities.
| The protests, organised by members from activist groups including the
| Electronic Freedom Project and Digital Liberty Coalition, will be held at
| Sydney's Town Hall, Brisbane Square, Melbourne's State Library, Adelaide
| Parliament House, Perth's Stirling Gardens and at Tasmania's Parliament
| Lawns.


Cash floods in for anti-censorship protests

,----[ Quote ]
| Political activists GetUp have raised over $30,000 in less than a day to
| support their fight against the Government's plan to censor the internet, a
| response the group has described as "unprecedented".
| The money will be put towards an advertising blitz designed to inform the
| public of the consequences of the plan, which experts say include slower
| internet speeds, significant false positives, failure to stop people from
| subverting the filters and the risk that the blacklist will be expanded to
| include the blocking of regular pornography, political views, gambling and
| pro-abortion sites.


Even child welfare groups don’t want web censorship

,----[ Quote ]
| THE AUSSIE government's plans to build a Great Internet Rabbit Proof Fence
| are floundering with even kiddie welfare groups saying it is a jolly bad
| idea.
| The Aussie government thought that it would protect children by mimicking the
| censorship antics of Communist China but, much to its surprise, has found
| that the idea is a wee bit unpopular.


Aussie government muffs plans for internet filtering

,----[ Quote ]
| Her view is that censorship of sexual material is more often than not
| followed by broader political censorship. The censorship tide in Australia
| today is coming in, and while many individuals may not get terribly excited
| about the censorship of what is generally regarded as smut, proposals by the
| Rudd Government to censor the internet through compulsory filtering feel very
| much like the thin end of the wedge.


Is the Internet going down down under?

,----[ Quote ]
| The battle is now on for the soul of the Australian internet. The outcome
| could have enormous repercussions for the future of the internet in the UK.
| Regular readers will be aware of the Australian Government’s plans to clamp
| down on the internet down under. These, the brainchild of Communications
| Minister Stephen Conroy, have been bubbling away since last year, and began,
| as so many half-baked government schemes do, with the plea that
| someone "think of the children".
| The scheme would put in place a server-level content filtering system, to
| block material unsuitable for children. The cat was put well and truly
| amongst the pigeons with the recent claim by Internode network engineer Mark
| Newton that there will be no opt-out from filtering for parents.


In Conroy’s muddy waters you'll never know what’s being filtered

,----[ Quote ]
| Critics of Conroy's Internet filtering say Australians will not be able to
| find out what the government censors online, and ask: who watches the
| watchmen?
| An Australian law expert has warned that under the government’s proposed
| mandatory Internet content filtering scheme Australians will have no way of
| finding out what “illegal” content has been censored and blocked online,
| while Greens Senator Scott Ludlam voiced his concern over Conroy’s ambiguity
| regarding exactly what content will or won’t be blocked, and who will be able
| to opt-out of the filtering.
| Conroy’s mandatory Internet filtering proposal caused a stir last week when
| it was revealed a member of his department had tried to censor severely
| critical comments made on the Whirlpool broadband forum by an Internode
| network engineer regarding the merits of ISP level filtering.


Big tech companies back global plan to shield online speech

,----[ Quote ]
| Stating that privacy is "a human right and guarantor of human dignity," the
| initiative commits the companies to try to resist overly broad demands for
| restrictions on freedom of speech and overly broad demands that could
| compromise the privacy of their users.
| The initiative was begun after human rights groups and Congress criticized
| the Internet companies for cooperating with Chinese government censorship and
| demands for information on dissidents. In addition to laying out the code of
| conduct, the initiative will provide a non-governmental forum for the
| companies and human rights groups to jointly resist demands for censorship.
| It will also establish a system of independent auditors to rate the
| companies' conduct.


Internet Companies Pay Lip Service To Human Rights

,----[ Quote ]
| While it's nice that they're actually thinking about these issues, the
| guidelines on the whole are pretty weak and don't bind the companies to do
| anything. Basically, it just says that the companies will consider the human
| rights issues in their decision making. If anything, this seems like an
| attempt to just keep the government from legislating on the issues, and it
| may not be very successful on that front. The real test will be in seeing how
| these companies actually act, rather than what sorts of guidelines they've
| signed.


Labor's web gag 'worse than Iran'

,----[ Quote ]
| The Federal Government is attempting to silence critics of its controversial
| plan to censor the internet, which experts say will break the internet while
| doing little to stop people from accessing illegal material such as child
| pornography.
| Internet providers and the government's own tests have found that presently
| available filters are not capable of adequately distinguishing between legal
| and illegal content and can degrade internet speeds by up to 86 per cent.
| Documents obtained by Fairfax Media show the office of the Communications
| Minister, Stephen Conroy, tried to bully ISP staff into suppressing their
| criticisms of the plan.
| Senator Conroy has since last year's election victory remained tight-lipped
| on the specifics of his $44.2 million policy but, grilled by a Senate
| Estimates committee this week, he said the Government was looking at forcing
| ISPs to implement a two-tiered filtering system.


No opt-out of filtered Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| Australians will be unable to opt-out of the government's pending Internet
| content filtering scheme, and will instead be placed on a watered-down
| blacklist, experts say.


Conroy announces mandatory internet filters to protect children

,----[ Quote ]
| "Labor makes no apologies to those that argue that any regulation of the
| internet is like going down the Chinese road," he said.



Comcast, NetZero latest providers to bow to Cuomo's Usenet campaign

,----[ Quote ]
| But in reality, Cuomo's pressure tactics have misfired. They led Time Warner
| Cable to pull the plug on some 100,000 Usenet discussion groups, including
| such hotbeds of illicit content as talk.politics and
| misc.activism.progressive. Verizon Communications deleted such unlawful
| discussion groups as us.military, ny.politics, alt.society.labor-unions, and
| alt.politics.democrats. AT&T and Time Warner Cable have taken similar steps.


Verizon offers details of Usenet deletion: alt.* groups, others gone

,----[ Quote ]
| Cuomo claimed that his office found child porn on 88 newsgroups--out of
| roughly 100,000 newsgroups that exist. In a press release, he took credit for
| the companies' blunderbuss-style newsgroup removal by saying: "We are
| attacking this problem by working with Internet service providers...I commend
| the companies that have stepped up today to embrace a new standard of
| responsibility, which should serve as a model for the entire industry."
| [...]
| What this means in practice is that, thanks to the New York state attorney
| general, Verizon customers will lose out on innocent discussions. Verizon is
| retaining only eight newsgroup hierarchies, even though over 1,000
| hierarchies exist.


Usenet Villified In NY Deal With ISPs

,----[ Quote ]
| Time Warner Cable will turn off all newsgroup access, while Sprint plans to
| cut access to the whole alt.* segment. Verizon may follow Sprint's example.
| Blocking all newsgroups does appear to be a broad approach to a problem
| involving a minority of such groups. As with the Internet in general, not
| everything in Usenet poses a threat. But no one wants to be tainted with even
| a suggestion of being soft on child porn, hence the rush to apply censorship
| with a sweeping axe rather than a skillfully-wielded scalpel.


Australia to get net censorship

,----[ Quote ]
| The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) will be able to
| force content providers to take down offensive material and issue notices for
| live content to be stopped and links to the content deleted.  


Major Aussie ISP Telstra BigPond shafts open source OpenOffice

,----[ Quote ]
| Australia’s largest Internet service provider Telstra BigPond has removed the
| free open source office suite OpenOffice from its unmetered file download
| area following the launch of its own, free, hosted, office application,
| BigPond Office.  
| [...]
| Our reader was outraged by Telstra’s move, which he sees as an attack on the
| open source software movement.
| “The principle of the matter upsets me,” he said. “The fact that BigPond has
| removed previously allowed open source software is un-ethical. They are
| discriminating against me, even though I pay the same as other customers.  
| They are attacking the Free Software movement.”  


Australia to extend web censorship

,----[ Quote ]
| Privacy advocates take a dim view of this proposal, naturally. Roger Clarke,
| chair of the Australian Privacy Foundation, said "This government's extremism
| has reached new heights today." He asked "How can a politician claim the
| right to hold office if they set out to undermine the critical democratic
| right of freedom of speech, and blatantly decline to evaluate the impact of
| measures put before the Parliament?"    


Suit against blogger weaves legal web in Paris, Texas

,----[ Quote ]
| But there is little case law in Texas or nationally to give judges a standard
| for when to expose anonymous postings on the Internet.  


Web 'censorship' bill brings police state one stop closer  

,----[ Quote ]
| Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) has slammed moves to give the Federal
| Police powers to ban access to certain Internet content as "another step in
| Australia's descent into a police state".  


Howard row over Wikipedia edits

,----[ Quote ]
| Staff in the Australian prime minister's department have been accused of
| editing potentially damaging entries in online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.


AT&T admits it censored other bands

,----[ Quote
| It looks like Pearl Jam isn't the only band that has had its politically
| charged comments bleeped from concerts streamed from AT&T's Blue Room Web
| site.  
| [...]
| AT&T quickly apologized for the incident and blamed the company that handles
| the Webcasting for performances on Blue Room.


AT&T slams Google over open-access wireless proposal

,----[ Quote ]
| AT&T has asked Capitol Hill not to enable an open nationwide wireless
| spectrum, claiming that Google's lobbying of such a network is a bid by the
| search giant to obtain broadband airwaves at bargain-basement prices.  


Microsoft and MySpace join Govt's fight against online predators

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has joined the likes of MySpace and the child protection advocacy
| group Bravehearts to help launch an extension of the Federal Government’s
| NetAlert initiative, the Consultative Working Group.  


Australia's porn-blocking plan unveiled

,----[ Quote ]
| While individual filters will be available beginning later this month,
| ISP-level blocking may take some time to implement. The Australian
| Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is currently planning a trial of
| ISP-level filtering in Tasmania that will inform the government's decision on
| a national launch.    

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