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[News] More Good Signs for Free Software Programming

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CollabNet Comes Out of the Shadows

,----[ Quote ]
| These are serious numbers, and it suggests that while we weren't looking 
| CollabNet has quietly turned into a front-rank open source company, 
| successfully straddling the enterprise and community worlds. It may not be in 
| quite the business its founders thought it would be when it was launched ten 
| years ago, but that's more a testament to the flexibility of the management 
| team prepared to adapt than a weakness in itself. Although CollabNet doesn't 
| release financial statements (it's privately held), it looks to be in a good 
| position both to weather the current financial problems, and to grow when/if 
| we ever come out of them.         


The A-Z of Programming Languages: Bourne shell, or sh

,----[ Quote ]
| On this occasion we speak to Steve Bourne, creator of the Bourne shell, or 
| sh. In the early 1970s Bourne was at the Computer Laboratory in Cambridge, 
| England working on a compiler for ALGOL68 as part of his PhD work in 
| dynamical astronomy. This work paved the way for him to travel to IBM’s T.J. 
| Watson Research Center in New York in 1973, in part to undertake research 
| into compilers. Through this work, and a series of connections and 
| circumstance, Bourne got to know people at Bell Labs who then offered him a 
| job in the Unix group in 1975. It was during this time Bourne developed sh.        



CollabNet Adds a Host of Features

,----[ Quote ]
| CollabNet recently announced the launch of CollabNet OnDemand, a hosted 
| solution of distributed development tools. This release means that the power 
| of an enterprise-class integrated suite of development tools is now available 
| to teams of all sizes.   


[Collabnet Interview]

,----[ Quote ]
| SDA: What are your comments on the Microsoft-Novell deal? How will that 
| affect the open source world? 
| Collabnet: My thinking is the deals can happen at high level corporations and 
| the open source movement is totally different. Developers and individual 
| contributors taking control of the development of software and that is very 
| different from the high level negotiations.   

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