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[News] Protests Against Microsoft's Abuses/Crimes in Europe

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[Esp-action-alert] Raise awareness of "Economic Parasites", Brussels, Thursday
5th 8am

,----[ Quote ]
| If you could be in Brussels between 8am and 9:30am tomorrow (Thursday 5th),
| please contact ciaran[at]fsf.org (GSM: +32 487 64 17 54).
| EndSoftwarePatents.org will be launching the "Economic Parasites" campaign
| and our first action will be to inform the attendees of Microsoft's "Growth
| and Innovation Day".
| Help is needed to hand out leaflets outside the entrance before this event.
| Since this is very short notice, if you know someone else who might be happy
| to help us, please forward them this email.
| Microsoft attacked free software and GNU/Linux users with software patent
| claims against the Tom Tom Navigator and its implementation of the FAT file
| system. With widespread support for GNU/Linux becoming a reality, are these
| patent claims an attempt to chill adoption by spreading fear, uncertainty
| and doubt (FUD)?  Let's remind businesses and politicians in Brussels that
| Microsoft is a parasite.


Microsoft's Innovations That Aren't

,----[ Quote ]
| Why does Microsoft call its big EU lobbying-party an Innovation Day? When a 
| big company puts on a show in Brussels to get the ear of government, it seems 
| more like business as usual to us  
| Today, Microsoft gathers several hundred of the EU elite to an Innovation Day 
| in Brussels. It seems reasonable to ask what innovation there will be there. 
| Yes, there's Microsoft's Surface - aptly satirised on Youtube by 
| SarcasticGamer as "a big-ass table" (and perhaps not the sprightliest answer 
| to the iPhone). But the rest is given over to a crew of Microsoft partners 
| who - from the online brochure, are very worthy, but don't seem to have a lot 
| new to say (but, non-Microsoft readers, please do tell me if you're excited 
| by anything there).     
| The programme has an ironic session on Intellectual Property - ironic because 
| Microsoft is currently using its software patents to threaten the open source 
| world in not-very specific terms. The current lawsuit against TomTom starts 
| to get to specifics, but seems very clearly to be directed at stifling 
| innovation.    
| It's also ironic to see EU commissioners on the programme, given the EU's 
| history in nailing Microsoft as a monopolist. 



Ballmer ordered to testify in 'Vista' case

,----[ Quote ]
| A federal judge ordered Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to testify in a
| class-action lawsuit revolving around Microsoft's marketing prior to the
| launch of its Windows Vista operating system.

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