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[News] Patent Bully Comes to Boston; FSF/GNU Conference Coming Shortly

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Dinner with Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft comes to the Boston area, like a bad uninvited dinner guest in this 
| guest blog by Mark Northfist.
| When you visit Microsoft's web site for New England Research & Development 
| Center you don't get a sense that it is a part of a 30 year old multinational 
| proprietary corporation with a bad track record when it comes to user freedom 
| and community support. In fact, the site could be called hip and sleek, with 
| an emphasis on small teams, the local community, and innovative research. The 
| site shows pictures of the new office, which features glass walls that don 
| equations painted on them. Almost weekly they are featuring meetups for the 
| tech community at their office, and they are clearly putting money and effort 
| into local collaborations with MIT, museums, and other organizations. And, 
| despite laying off hundreds elsewhere in their organization, they are 
| actively recruiting to their Cambridge office, with an advertisement campaign 
| that takes over multiple subway stations in the Cambridge area.           
| But, we aren't fooled. As one local Blogger puts it, Hey Microsoft, welcome! 
| I know you have a history of anti-trust activities and monopolization, so why 
| don’t you go ahead and show us your friendly new image by taking over every 
| square inch of advertising real estate in Harvard Square!   


FSF adds speakers for LibrePlanet conference on GNU/Linux: March 21st-22nd

,----[ Quote ]
| The Free Software Foundation (FSF) today announced additions to the speaker 
| lineup for its March 21st-22nd LibrePlanet 2009 conference. 
| The conference, to be attended by GNU/Linux users, free software activists, 
| and programmers from around the world, stresses three themes: strengthening 
| global free software activism, addressing the threats posed to free software 
| users by moves toward "cloud computing" and "software as a service," and 
| advancing the projects on the FSF's High Priority Projects list.    

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