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[News] GNU/Linux at the Centre of New Automobile Alliance

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Auto alliance targets open-source platform development

,----[ Quote ]
| An automotive electronics industry alliance announced this week will seek to 
| drive adoption of an open-source car infotainment platform by reducing 
| development cost and time.  
| The Genivi Alliance unveiled on Monday (March 2) includes auto makers BMW, 
| General Motors and PSA Peugeot Citroen along with parts suppliers Magneti 
| Marelli and Visteon Corp. along with Intel Corp. and Wind River. The founding 
| members said they will collaborate to create the Genivi platform, which is 
| billed as a common software architecture scalable across different product 
| lines and versions.      



The digital car is the next big applications market

,----[ Quote ]
| Automotive OEMs – developers could target auto OEMs as a horizon 2 strategy —
| computing platforms are getting better with 400-500 Mhz processors, 100+ GB
| hard-drives, etc. For example, BMW, Intel and WindRiver are working together
| on a Linux solution for the car through Moblin.org. Expect three- to
| seven-year decision and deployment cycles, although connected services
| strategies will enable automotive OEMs to iterate and deliver new
| applications over-the-air much faster in the next few years.


OpenICE.org Officially Launches.

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenICE.org, a community of engineers, hackers, and users, launches today
| going up against two giants in the mobile computing industry, Microsoft, with
| its Sync product and Intel with their moblin based car infotainment platform.
| The goal of OpenICE is to provide a comprehensive, scalable and flexible set
| of tools to build a mobile system for Car Infotainment. This is done by a
| grass roots effort to collect the latest technologies developed in the open
| source community and combine them with custom built interfaces and tools
| tailored for car infotainment. These components result in the OpenICE
| platform: Entertainment, Information, Connectivity and Mobility. By being
| open, both in source and standard, OpenICE encourages and invites business
| and users alike to freely tinker and improve the platform for their own
| needs.


Wind River, Intel ride Linux into car market

,----[ Quote ]
| Intel and Wind River Systems have teamed up to create a Linux/x86 platform
| for car electronics, which will debut at the Telematics Detroit 2008
| conference today (May 20). The offering is based on Intel's low-power Atom
| processor and a new variant of Wind River's embedded Linux.


Linux Soon to be in your Car

,----[ Quote ]
| Thanks to a new joint effort between Intel and Wind River, you may soon be
| running Linux in your car.


Intel and Wind River driving Linux infotainment systems to cars

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux is in our computers, our phones, our Wi-Fi equipment, and our TiVos —
| why not our cars? Intel Corp. and Wind River have been working with both the
| embedded and automotive industries to advance in-vehicle infotainment (IVI)
| with open, Linux-based, standards-based, interoperable hardware and software
| called Open Infotainment Platforms (OIP).

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