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[News] Indiana University Produces Free Software - More Details

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Open Source Digital Music Library SW from IU

,----[ Quote ]
| Indiana University has released open source software, called Variations, that 
| allows you to create a digital music library system. College and university 
| libraries may digitize audio and musical scores to provide to their users in 
| an interactive, online environment, including streaming audio and scanned 
| score images.    



Indiana U offers open source digital music library software

,----[ Quote ]
| Indiana University today announces the release of open source software to
| create a digital music library system. The software, called Variations,
| provides online access to streaming audio and scanned score images in support
| of teaching, learning, and research.



Linux Makes the Grade

,----[ Quote ]
| Today, more than 100,000 Indiana school kids (in all, 300,000 high schoolers
| are slated to receive one) have their own $298 computer and monitor with
| numerous free software applications, and, in turn, schools across the state
| have secure, reliable, sophisticated server systems thanks to Linux-based
| open source technology.    


Universities Abandon Old ERP for Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Many universities deploy Sakai to support teaching and learning, ad hoc
| group collaboration, support for portfolios and research collaboration.
| Sakai's growing popularity could undermine commercial university
| software developers such as BlackBoard.


Lorie Homan column: Open-source software keeps costs down at NHS

,----[ Quote ]
| The main open-source application that NHS is using is Star Office
| 8 Office Suite. It is the world's leading office productivity suite
| on the Linux operating system, and the leading alternative office
| suite on Windows.


District to save money by switching computers to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Hyland said the district hopes to get all of its computers
| running Linux exclusively by 2010. By that time, administrators
| should have identified new Linux programs for Bexley students,
| including kindergartners. Hyland said she wants to get
| kindergartners started with a program that teaches typing so
| that Bexley students are familiar with technology early on.


CoSN Releases Second Study for K-12 Open Technologies Initiative

,----[ Quote ]
| The second study in the series examines inACCESS program, which has
| placed some 22,000 Linux workstations in language arts classrooms.
| "This creates a one-to-one computing environment for a least part of
| each student's day in participating schools," CoSN said in a prepared
| statement. "In California's Saugus Schools, administrators were able
| to find open-source alternatives to most proprietary enterprise
| applications and systems. In both cases schools had to carefully
| research their transition to open technologies, test applications,
| and then communicate with the end users. According to the
| administrators in charge of these initiatives, the open source
| systems have proven to be reliable, robust and cost-effective."


New Chicago-Indiana Computer Network Plugs Into Open Science Grid

,----[ Quote ]
| The Grid uses Scientific Linux CERN 3 (SLC3) for most of its
| operations which is a derivative of ScientificLinux. ScientificLinux
| is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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