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[News] Coders Are Moving to GNU/Linux and Free Software

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Coders urged to take up open source in downturn 

,----[ Quote ]
| The recession is a good opportunity for out-of-work developers to turn their 
| hand to open-source software, a leader of a free software group suggested on 
| Tuesday.  
| In fact, all companies, programmers and other IT professionals would do well 
| to look into free software, Georg Greve, president of the Free Software 
| Foundation Europe, said in a speech at the CeBIT technology conference in 
| Hanover, Germany. Predicting that the recession would probably end "sometime 
| this year", he said the downturn would serve as a "breather" and as an 
| opportunity for companies and individuals to rethink their software 
| strategies.      


Have Code, Will Travel - Sabre Chooses Open Source to Power its Business

,----[ Quote ]
| Whenever you buy an airline ticket or book a hotel room these days, chances 
| are that a good part of that transaction will run through Sabre's network. 
| Sabre is one of the world's largest suppliers of technology solutions for the 
| airline and travel industry. What you may not be aware of, however, is that 
| Sabre has made open-source software a cornerstone of its technology strategy. 
| Sabre already relies on a number of open-source projects to handle thousands 
| of transactions every second, and today, Sabre and Progress FUSE announced a 
| new partnership that will make a number of FUSE's open-source offerings a 
| cornerstone of Sabre's technology.         



Training program to create 100,000 jobs

,----[ Quote ]
| LUPA (Leadership of Open Source University Promotion Alliance), a Chinese
| open source software community, plans to initiate a training project for the
| country's computer and software graduates as low-cost open source software
| development is gaining popularity in the current financial crisis.


Linux and your worth in the Job Market

,----[ Quote ]
| As bad as the economy is right now, there are quite a few jobs out there.
| Especially for Linux System Administrators/Engineers!


Red Hat Linux trumps Unix on TPC price/performance test

,----[ Quote ]
| In a recent independent test, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5 Advanced
| Platform trumped all other operating systems that process more than 1 million
| transactions per minute -- and at 22% lower cost than its next closest
| competitor.


Isn't Linux just UNIX under a different name?

,----[ Quote ]
| Yet, the bottom line is Linux is not UNIX. Make no mistake. Linux was not
| derived from the original program code and it is not subject to any UNIX
| licensing arrangement (some may say constraint.) In fact, Linux is not
| legally able to call itself UNIX (and incidentally, neither is BSD anymore.)
| No, despite the affection long-timers in the industry might have for UNIX
| there’s no denying Linux has taken on a life of its own and is driving modern
| development faster than any proprietary team. In a twist of fate, Linux poses
| a challenge to the mighty Microsoft whose server-based operating systems led
| pundits to question the viability of UNIX just two decades ago.
| Linux ain’t UNIX. And in fact Linux has left UNIX behind. The UNIX name has
| become bogged down with fragmented development and legal battles making it a
| shell of its former self. Linux is the new UNIX, it alone is the embodiment
| of the elegant design and hacker spirit that UNIX originally represented.

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