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[News] [Rival] Rumours: Apple to Shrink

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Rumor Check: Apple Layoffs on the Way?

,----[ Quote ]
| Bear in mind that a new Apple rumor seems to surface every several days. 
| (Remember last week's iPhone on Verizon buzz?) Sure, some of them turn out to 
| have truth, but the vast majority end up fizzling away in the Web's virtual 
| gossip mill. Between the ever-present $99 iPhone idea and the occasional 
| death (or near-death) of Steve Jobs, there's always some sort of scuttlebutt 
| on the table--and all you can do is treat each one with a healthy dose of 
| skepticism.      
| If you're still not convinced, consider the new word just published byThe 
| Wall Street Journal : "People familiar with the matter say that no conference 
| rooms have been booked ... and that there is no massive layoff Tuesday as has 
| been rumored."   



Is Apple The New Neighborhood Bully?

,----[ Quote ]
| These moves suggest to me that Apples fears competition, and I'm wondering
| why. If you put their products on an even playing field and let the buyer
| decide, in my opinion, Apple is going to win hands-down. I don't recall too
| many other cell phones in recent memory where people stood in line for a week
| to get one. Lots of companies have made an MP3 player including Microsoft,
| but not one has come even close to the success of the iPod.

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