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[News] New Version of the K Desktop Environment is Released (4.2.1)

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KDE 4.2.1 Release Announcement

,----[ Quote ]
| KDE Community Ships First Translation and Service Release of the 4.2 Free 
| Desktop, Containing Numerous Bugfixes, Performance Improvements and 
| Translation Updates  
| March 4th, 2009. The KDE Community today announced the immediate availability 
| of "Cream", (a.k.a KDE 4.2.1), another bugfix and maintenance update for the 
| latest generation of the most advanced and powerful free desktop. Cream is a 
| monthly update to KDE 4.2. It ships with desktop workspace and many 
| cross-platform applications such as administration programs, network tools, 
| educational applications, utilities, multimedia software, games, artwork, web 
| development tools and more. KDE's award-winning tools and applications are 
| available in more than 50 languages.        



KDE 4.2 on it’s way to sidux

,----[ Quote ]
| My brother installed KDE 4.2 on his sidux system over the weekend, using an
| experimental repo, and the reports he has given me make me very excited to
| try it on my own computer. It has a lot of eyecandy, such as some of the
| features from Compiz, but he says it is very customizable and no problem at
| all to use. KDE 4.2 definitely sounds different and the screenshots he has
| sent me show it to be so. It handles multiple desktops differently than did
| KDE 3.5 and it includes several desktop widgets or gadgets that will
| certainly come in handy in my computer work. As with KDE 3.5, it also appears
| that it will be easy to set up for my wife, which is a major plus.


New KWin effect: Sheet

,----[ Quote ]
| Currently you don’t want to use the effect if fade effect is enabled as well.
| The two effects have different durations, so the dialog is completly faded
| while still being rolled up.

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