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[News] New Linux Kernel RC, New Linux Foundation Site Kicks Off

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Linux 2.6.29-rc7

,----[ Quote ]
| The bulk of the patch is a couple of new drivers (ATL1c network driver and 
| firewire FireDTV DVB receiver). That's due to the whole "new drivers can't 
| regress" thing, although obviously if you compile them in, they may give 
| you problems whether you have the hardware or not, as we found with the 
| FireDTV driver ;)
| But apart from the new drivers, it should all be just small fixes.  The 
| shortlog (appended) tells the story.


Journey to the New Linux.com

,----[ Quote ]
| This distinction should be made clear: Linux.com will no longer be 
| a "traditional" online media outlet. While we may offer our take on major 
| news events from time to time, the main goal of the site will be providing 
| information for all Linux users. Someone who wants to write a quick howto on 
| how to get Skype running on a particular distro might not get the chance on a 
| media site. But on Linux.com, we want it, because that's what our readers 
| will want.      


Don't say "Skype". That's not the point of GNU/(Linux).


Linux Foundation has bought Linux.com

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux Foundation has long wanted the Linux.com domain name for obvious
| reasons. For a long time SourceForge, formerly VA Linux Systems, kept the
| site, but the company has now sold Linux.com to the Foundation.
| Sources close to the deal say that the deal was made because, -- an all too
| familiar story these days -- the company needed the money. SourceForge, had,
| in addition to its well-known open-source eponymous code Web site, been in
| the media business. In December 2008, however, the company laid off the bulk
| of its NewsForge editorial staff. NewsForge was hosted at Linux.com. The
| Linux.com site then became something of a placeholder site, which held only a
| discussion forum.


Linux Foundation to Build New Linux.com Community


"We're Linux" - Linux Foundation video contest

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux Foundation has formally announced the kick off for its "We're
| Linux" video contest, which will be comprised of user-generated video entries
| to promote and "elevate the strengths of Linux." The Linux Foundation is
| hoping that this campaign will help to demonstrate what Linux means to its
| users and that it will inspire others to try it.

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