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[News] Why GNU/Linux Has the Upper Hand in Appearance

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Linux : The cool factor

,----[ Quote ]
| Compiz
| I know It's like kicking in an open door. I think almost every Linux desktop 
| user knows what compiz is and that's because it's one of the coolest things 
| you'll ever see when it comes to desktops.  
| But not everybody does, and sometimes I still do impress a Linux user with my 
| desktop. If your not a Linux user there's a big change you want to become one 
| when you see what you can do with it.  
| Compiz provides you with Hardware-accelerated window management and desktop 
| compositing through OpenGL. 
| Impressive, aint it? No seriously, I understand if you're not a technical 
| person the previous sentence says about nothing. But you know youtube don't 
| you? Compiz is so cool, people even post video's showing it off on youtube. 
| So go there do a search for compiz and be stunned by the incredible desktop 
| effects you can have when you run Linux. It's actually the most advanced 
| desktop environment available today. And it runs on Linux!     



Poll: Firefox is browser of choice

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has entered the crowded browser market with the public beta test of
| it's browser, Chrome.
| But, is it the favorite among users? This week's Business Pulse survey asked:
| Which Web browser would you rather use?
| The winner was Mozilla's Firefox browser, which beat out Microsoft's Internet
| Explorer. The voting broke down as follows:
|     * Firefox (Mozilla) - 50 percent
|     * Internet Explorer (Microsoft) - 37 percent
|     * Chrome (Google) - 5 percent
|     * Safari (Apple) - 4 percent
|     * Other - 4 percent
|     * Opera (Opera Software) - 0 percent
| Comments left by respondents included:
| "Opera is actually a great browser. I don't understand why anyone would use
| IE. It's garbage!"

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