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[News] VMware Has Big Debt to the GNU GPL (Linux)

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VMWare's filesystem clustering cracked open

,----[ Quote ]
| VMWare has also released the modifications to GPL/LGPL-licensed components 
| used in their products, but has fallen short of actually open sourcing their 
| ESX hypervisor, the crown jewel of the VMWare stack."  



VMWare delivers open source client

,----[ Quote ]
| VMWare has delivered a virtual client system under the Lesser GPL, VMWare
| View Open Client.
| Both the code and support are already available on GoogleCode.


VMware ships open source Linux VDI client

,----[ Quote ]
| VMware is offering a free (LGPL-licensed) client for use with its VDI
| (virtual desktop infrastructure) thin client technology. The VMware View Open
| Client lets users access personalized, data center-hosted desktops
| from "almost any" device, VMWare claims.


VMware: A "significant portion" of our technology may include open source

,----[ Quote ]
| VMware seems to be dancing around the elephant in the room: its controversial
| use of Linux in its proprietary hypervisor technology. It's interesting that
| the company, which has refused to comment publicly on these specific
| allegations, is content to serve up a blanket advisory in its 10-Q.
| If I were a VMware shareholder, I'd want clarity. The company suggests that
| it's complying with all open-source licenses, to the best of its knowledge.
| If this is true, it's perhaps time for the company to put those claims to a
| public sniff test.
| The developer community hasn't been amused by VMware's use of embedded Linux
| in its hypervisor technology. Why not call out specifically why VMware feels
| it is in compliance with the GPL?


VMware's hypervisor to go open source?

,----[ Quote ]
| He expressed admiration for how the open source model encourages
| participation by anyone regardless of where they are located, but he didn’t
| say whether VMware will actually open source ESX.

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